A closer look at the heart of Imagicle

  • People Blog
    How the high-tech world will save the humanities (or the other way round).
    Find out how to leverage your liberal arts degree in tech and how humanities are valuable in supporting the creation of products oriented to the real needs of customers.
  • Products Blog
    The top communication challenges facing enterprise brands.
    E-commerce Consultant at Ecomm Tips, Patrick Foster presents an overview of the issues that companies have to face when reaching the enterprise level. Discover how to achieve and maintain strong communication standards through the use of shared and intuitive tools, a consistently trained team, and much more.
  • Products Blog
    Imagicle communication: the daily challenge of designing the essential.
    Nearly ten years of design research and refinement with a single purpose: creating a corporate image faithful to the Imagicle philosophy. Essential, joyful, direct.
  • Products Blog
    What is your Cloud strategy?
    What should be taken into account when choosing the best Cloud strategy? Find out!
  • Products Blog
    Imagicle and Kurmi Software: teaming up to boost your UC.
    Configuration automation for the Imagicle UC apps via Kurmi Service Provider Suite for Cisco HCS.
  • People Blog
    All about a remote worker.
    What are the biggest benefits of a remote workforce? What are the main reasons to integrate remote work into your company? Find out what it's like to be a remote worker, what are the pros and cons of working from home and how to build a healthy remote company culture.
  • Products Blog
    4 key points to design a striking sales system from scratch.
    Discover how to build and strengthen customers relationships with 4 actionable advice.
  • Products Blog
    What role will AI play in the future of business?
    Find out how the automation of tools will affect collaboration and daily communications.
  • People Blog
    Top 4 reasons why you should drop your job and get in tech.
    Here are the top 4 reasons why you should stop job-hopping and join them.
  • Products Blog
    Broadsoft Connections 2018: climbing the Clouds.
    Did you miss Broadsoft Connections 2018? Check out the highlights.
  • People Blog
    Women in tech: what about Imagicle.
    Find out what the best researches say about growing female presence in the technology world.
  • People Blog
    Imagicle lands in France: a step closer to our customers.
    Understanding the specific needs of each market and a dynamic sales system enabled Imagicle to build a sales channel in France.
  • People Blog
    Workin’ @ Imagicle
    Samuele tells his first impressions. The office, the atmosphere, the roles, the foosball table. But above all, the heart of Imagicle philosophy: people.
  • Products Blog
    Tech inside: Agile software development (Part 2).
    Imagicle R&D Manager, Marco Cerri, talks about a crucial figure in the interaction between the development plan and the final customer, the Product Owner.
  • Products Blog
    Tech inside: Agile software development (Part 1).
    Do you want to know what lies at the core of Imagicle? Read the article to find it out!
  • Products Blog
    Imagicle: rock out your Hospitality Services with PMS + phone integrations.
    Imagicle Hospitality Services offer complete integration with hundreds of PMS. Find out how.
  • Security Blog
    HIPAA-compliant call recording? Imagicle got you.
    Discover how our Call Recording can ensure compliance with HIPAA, a key factor in the US healthcare industry.
  • Products Blog
    UCaaS vs. on-premise UC. Everybody wins with Imagicle.
    Does your business need an On-Premises or a Cloud architecture? Whatever it is, Imagicle is always ready to complete and empower it with must-have apps.
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