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Imagicle: Smart Working tools to face COVID-19.

Given the Coronavirus Covid-19 emergency, today, more than ever, smart working represents an opportunity to limit transmission while, at the same time, granting continuity to work activities. Here's what Imagicle can do to help you work remotely.
Just these days, the capital importance of this working method, already widespread in many companies, is being realized: it prevents many businesses from having to close their doors, avoiding a total blockage of the economy.
Actually, we are not the first in history to face isolation. During the great plague of the seventeenth century, a man named Isaac Newton was forced to abandon the university of Cambridge and confine himself to his home, far away from London. As an ante litteram Smart Worker as he was, he dedicated his extra time to reflect on some topics. During that year he pioneered infinitesimal calculus, investigated light behavior through a prism and discovered laws of motion and universal gravitation.
Here at Imagicle, we don’t have the ambition to revolutionize the laws of physics. Still, we are certainly doing everything to make the work of Smart Workers faster, smarter and easier. 
This is one of our mottos, and today it is more significant than ever.

What we can do to allow you to work: gadgets for Cisco Jabber.

To have direct access to Imagicle applications, you just need a VPN (Virtual Private Network): you can search your contacts with the Directory application, view your call flows with Call Accounting, send and receive IP faxes and much more.

And you can do it from office or home, with any device.

And if you don’t have a VPN, no problem.

Are you aware of the Cisco Collaboration Edge? Cisco is allowing remote access with Jabber and phones using Mobile Remote Access through an Internet connection and without the need for a VPN connection. 

Wondering what Imagicle can do to help you with Jabber? 

Well, a lot of things. Imagicle offers a full set of gadgets to improve your experience with Cisco Jabber.

  • You can have all your contacts at your fingertips thanks to the integration with Imagicle Contact Manager.
  • Check the detailed expenses of your phone calls thanks to the Imagicle Call Analytics tool.
  • Send and receive virtual faxes.
  • Have complete control of your recordings.

Keep recording your calls. Wherever you are.

We promised you that Imagicle Call Recording would allow you not to miss a single word.

And now we keep that promise.

Imagicle Call Recording can record your calls either via VPN or MRA, and you will always be able to access your recordings, search&play, add notes, and take advantage of all benefits of Imagicle cutting edge application to capture your calls.

Indeed, starting from Spring Release 2020 coming at the end of March, you can take advantage of further improvements, such as new detailed and exportable reports and volume analysis.


Bring your Imagicle Attendant Console home.

Even if the going gets tough, you would like to continue providing excellent call routing and distribution tools to help ensure that you and your teams handle calls efficiently and professionally?

Well, we’re here to help.

Attendant Console, Imagicle powerful operator’s console providing a range of smart features for fast and easy call handling and call distribution, allows forwarding, transferring, parking, and handling calls from home, thanks to the integrated Smart Switchboard. You will keep receiving calls from Imagicle ACD and control your device with Imagicle Attendant Console with no limitations.

Imagicle: Smart Working tools to face COVID-19.

How do I send a fax from home?

Companies send hundreds of faxes every day. Today, however, due to the displacement of employees, this can become a problem.

A problem that Imagicle Digital Fax can solve.  slightly smiling face 
It’s simple: thanks to Imagicle Digital Fax solution that virtualizes fax management, you can send and receive faxes anywhere, from your computer, via e-mail or web interface, by printing a document or using the gadget for Jabber.
You can even manage faxes using your smartphone or tablet!
You can continue to do your job without interruption while saving time, money and paper.


Emergency for everybody, telephony system included.

During this emergency, we are also rediscovering the importance of old-but-gold telephony. Right, the most important means of communication of the XX century is still alive, and in such a situation is just confirming how reliable, direct, and human it is.

These very hours, health organizations and enterprises are setting up emergency numbers to provide telephony support to people or employees: many of these services around the world are provided by Imagicle, and right now they are handling hundreds of thousands of calls, improving the experience of phones’ users and guaranteeing a very important service.

Imagicle is working hard to play its part in this process of expanding and strengthening communications. We are doing our best to help customers and partners in putting in place emergency systems in very short timeframes; sometimes this involves working overtime and sometimes gives us some headaches, but we are keen to help everybody in having the best possible solution in the shortest times possible.
We will travel this extra mile for our customers and with our customers, because that’s what makes us Imagicle.
Just to give you an example, a few days ago, a health authority installed an Imagicle Auto Attendant + Advanced Queueing for a total of 120 simultaneous calls + 30 switchboards, all under-recording. It was all set up within a weekend, and they have managed almost 1 million calls since then.
And it was only the first of a long series of customers who are contacting us hour after hour to optimize the use of our solutions for smart working.
The applications worked great before and continue to do so now: we are fully equipped to provide each customer with the best solution to deal with this period of remote work.
If you also need to extend your communications system or provide your employees with efficient Smart Working tools to face this transition period at best, we are here to help you.


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