Imagicle for Finance.

Banks and financial firms require extensive, secure, and scalable communications. Achieve them with a toolset that will increase productivity and cut expenses.

Top Benefits of Imagicle UCX Platform for Banking and Finance.

Perform at a high level.

Simplified management of incoming calls, advanced reporting systems, fax digitization, centralized directories, and much more: all at your fingertips behind a single pane of glass, simplifying deployment, administration, and use.

A seamless customer experience.

Offer high-touch customer service thanks to reliable, easy-to-use communications tools, helping customers to effortlessly connect with bank representatives and complete transactions in a few steps and with a smile.

Support flexible work options.

Bring together global teams, increase flexibility, and enable employees to work from anywhere while having access to resources critical to the performance of their duties. Services can be managed and resources monitored anywhere, without the location ever impacting performance.

Security & compliance.

Meet business security requirements with proper authorization controls, detailed reporting features, and flexible data retention while ensuring the utmost level of data security in compliance with GDPR, MiFID II, FINMA, PCI-DSS, and other industry regulations.

Improved internal collaboration.

Banks and financial firms require extensive collaboration across a range of departments and time zones. Imagicle UC apps make it possible for teams to collaborate seamlessly, accessing the information on any device, in any location, while always respecting everyone's privacy.

Increased availability.

Financial emergencies may arise at any time. An effective queueing system and IVR, efficient call management that reduces waiting times, and the digitization of tools increase the availability of financial institutions and their employees while decreasing their stress.

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Offer a winning customer experience.

The financial sector is adapting to a new era of customer expectations, where high call volume can often lead to a significant decline in service satisfaction. Moreover, customers demand that their financial providers be available to them when and where the need arises. Imagicle advanced Customer Service solutions allow financial services customers to interact with an organization in the shortest possible time, get in touch with the right person right away, and receive an answer even outside of office hours through the customizable Auto Attendant services, while a complete set of detailed reports provides valuable insights and data into customer engagement.

Imagicle UCX Cloud Platform is the way forward.

Want to increase availability and scalability while enhancing collaboration for your banking or financial organization? All you have to do is choose to deploy your applications in the Imagicle Cloud! Imagicle UCX Cloud Platform (now available on CIsco GPL S+!) is designed to allow enterprises of any size to focus on the growth of their business rather than its maintenance. You don't have to worry about anything: with a simple subscription, you will access a complete set of UC apps scalable according to your needs, with 3 automatic features and security updates and a 9.8 rated support with exclusive services such as Proactive Support.

An industry-specific issue: compliance.

Banks, insurance companies, and other financial services organizations are constantly faced with new standards and strategies to improve customer privacy and security. However, regulations like GDPR for data management purposes, MiFID II and FINMA to increase financial transparency, and PCI-DSS for transaction protection have not made it easy for businesses to ensure complete compliance. Imagicle solutions are provided with specific features to help customers perform everyday operations without violating compliance regulations, including role-based access, audit trail of all activities, data encryption, pause/resume to skip credit card info while recording a call, 100% digitalized fax transaction, and much more. Plus, our solutions are ISO 27001 certified to ensure you the best possible security posture.

Break down complexities. Make customers happy.

The unification of communication channels into one organized and easy-to-use UCX platform allows for more meaningful interactions between staff and with customers, leading to an immediate improvement of the overall service. Imagicle Customer Service allows you to keep on top of call volume, so that calls are not missed or misrouted, while real-time monitoring of agents allows for ongoing coaching and improvement of call handling. Call Analytics reporting capabilities help you size your communication system correctly and make smart data-driven decisions to save time and money. Call Recording allows you not to lose fundamental data for your financial activities, archive and retrieve them in a snap. With Contact Manager, you’ll find the contact you are looking for within seconds among multiple directories and avoid unnecessary waiting times, while our Digital Fax allows you to send faxes in one click just like an email.

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Recorded calls

Record 100% of calls from all devices, skip sensitive data, set data retention time, archive and retrieve conversations quickly, and get full compliance with MiFID II, GDPR, and PCI-DSS.

Telephone waste

Monitor the adoption and usage of your devices across your company and schedule reports in your preferred time zone to have a clear view of expenditure and calling behaviors of your employees.

Missed or misrouted calls

Stay on top of call volume thanks to efficient routing, transfer, pause/ resumption, possibility of checking if colleagues are available.

Virtualized and paperless faxing

Reduce the risk of unsecured communications by virtualizing your fax system, track communications, eliminate maintenance and be fully compliant with GDPR and HIPAA.

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