All the features that your Cisco Webex and Jabber were missing.

Achieve ideal cost allocation, record and automatically analyze every call, handle faxes just like emails, centralize all your directories. Directly from your Webex or Jabber clients.

Call Recording: trigger, save, listen to recordings from your Cisco Webex and Jabber.

Recording calls helps you verify transactions, legally protect your company, and more. The Imagicle Call Recording gadgets allow to record, search, and play back your calls encrypted on the server, at any time and anywhere, directly from your Cisco Webex and Jabber clients (desktop and mobile). Three recording modes to suit every need, full compliance with GDPR, MiFID II, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA, and a special add-on to automatically analyze your conversations with transcriptions and sentiment analysis, Voice Analytics! Now available for both Webex and Jabber.

Contact Manager for Cisco: optimize contact search and call.

With the Imagicle Contact Manager gadgets, you can access all your internal/external contacts from one place, and add global click-to-call and Caller ID features to all your calls directly through Cisco Jabber and Webex, desktop and mobile. With a quick, google-like search, you can search for your contact, click on it, and call without leaving the tool you’re already using, thus optimizing the time needed to reach your clients, patients, citizens, etc.

Digital Fax for Cisco: fax faster, get smarter, go greener.

Companies use fax systems on a daily basis, mainly for matters of legal compliance and habit. With today’s digital transformation, the requirement to handle them fastly and digitally is becoming more and more relevant. Imagicle's dedicated Digital Fax Gadgets provide 100% electronic faxing across the entire organization, wherever employees are. You can manage, send, receive your faxes or analyze your activity even from Cisco Jabber or Webex clients, desktop and mobile. It also adds a layer of security: your fax archive will be accessible by you only, with no risk of having your faxes mishandled by someone else at the fax machine.

Call Analytics for Cisco: take the stress out of cost and device allocation.

Call Analytics, Phone Lock, and Budget Control gadgets are available on Webex and Jabber, desktop and mobile. Your call lists and a dashboard with actionable data are available at a glance for total control of telephone expenses and resources directly in your calling platform, along with the possibility of locking phones whenever you want: for privacy, to avoid frauds, or upon budget reach, easily manageable with Budget Control. A real money-saver!