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A complete Cloud Suite from Imagicle enhancing your Webex Calling experience.

45 million people worldwide trust the Webex Calling platform to deliver enterprise-grade calling. The platform’s innovation is a core element of Cisco Live EMEA 2023, happening 6-10 February 2023 in Amsterdam, where Imagicle is showcasing the UCX innovations to elevate the Webex Calling user experience.

Cisco Live EMEA is finally back as an in-person event, and it’s booming with innovation and solutions for the digital future. Imagicle is in the Cisco Area, 📍 Booth D06 and Co-Sell Partner Lounge, where people have the possibility of discovering the complete, market-exclusive offer Imagicle has in place for Webex Calling.

Imagicle apps. Bringing even more value to your Webex Calling.

Imagicle’s holistic offer for Webex Calling has never expanded as quickly as today. In fact, if 2022 started with the availability of the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite on Cisco GPL S+, 2023 starts even stronger, with Imagicle Call Recording and Call Analytics predicted to be available for Webex Calling by the end of Q1.

The partnership between Cisco and Imagicle is centered around giving customers a unified and elevated experience.

A complete Cloud Suite from Imagicle enhancing your Webex Calling experience.

All these solutions also work with UCM, HCS, and BroadWorks, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience on whichever platform you choose. An exclusive advantage of Imagicle, enabling mixed environments and easy Cloud migrations.

Comprehensive Attendant Console for Webex Calling.

Fully integrated with both Webex Calling Multi-Tenant and Dedicated Instances, even in hybrid environments, Imagicle Attendant Console is complete with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant services and 100% compatible with Webex Calling, able to provide a seamless and complete customer service solution working with the Webex App.

A complete Cloud Suite from Imagicle enhancing your Webex Calling experience.

The ONLY Digital Fax for Webex Calling.

This is the latest (and greatest!) news of the Imagicle offer for Webex Calling so far. 

Imagicle Digital Fax is fully integrated with Webex Calling and directly managed inside the Control Hub to deliver a 100% Cloud-based inbound and outbound fax for both Multi-Tenant and Dedicated Instances. This makes Imagicle’s the ONLY virtual fax server solution available inside the Control Hub. The main benefits for users are:

  • Send and receive faxes regardless of your PSTN (including Cisco Calling Plans)
  • Complete and easy fax management directly from the Webex App

Imagicle Digital Fax provides customers with a unified experience directly inside the Webex App: fax wizard and all the faxes received/sent are available at a click thanks to the Imagicle Digital Fax Gadget for Webex App.

Call Recording and Call Analytics: soon to support Webex Calling Multi-Tenant.

Call Recording + Screen Recording + Voice Analytics. A complete call analysis solution.

Imagicle Call Recording allows users to record calls and provides analytics with transcriptions, sentiment analysis, and reporting, with unlimited storage from the Imagicle Cloud at no additional cost. It’s compliant with GDPR, MiFID IIPCI-DSS, and HIPAA. On top of Cloud Call Recording for Webex Calling Dedicated Instance, support for Webex Calling Multi-Tenant and Webex Go is coming on Control Hub in Q1 2023, bringing compliance recording directly inside your calling platform. 

A complete Cloud Suite from Imagicle enhancing your Webex Calling experience.

But there’s more! Imagicle Call Recording is now complete with two exclusive add-ons: Voice Analytics to transcribe and analyze conversations with sentiment analysis and Screen Recording to capture agents’ computer desktop activities during calls and get the complete picture of customer interactions. These add-ons will make the Call Recording inside your Webex Calling an exclusive and complete solution able to satisfy all agents’ needs and make their job easier.

Call Analytics. All the metrics you need track your Webex Calling calls.

Imagicle Call Analytics, the app that allows you to monitor and analyze your calls, allocate costs, check resources’ adoption, run reports, and make data-driven decisions, will provide a comprehensive Cloud solution for both Webex Calling Dedicated Instance and Webex Calling Multi-Tenant by the end of Q1 2023, further completing the Imagicle offer.

The most complete Cloud Suite for Cisco Calling.

Attendant Console, Digital Fax, Call Recording, and Call Analytics are just some of the many apps inside our UCX Cloud Suite to help you boost Webex Calling all-round.

A complete Cloud Suite from Imagicle enhancing your Webex Calling experience.

Finally, all these apps form part of the Imagicle offer for all Cisco platforms, the most complete one on the market.

A complete Cloud Suite from Imagicle enhancing your Webex Calling experience.

Ready for Cisco Live EMEA 2023?

Imagicle complements Webex Calling by delivering tools that improve the productivity of power users and streamline migrations to the Cloud through a native integration that fits seamlessly with the Webex Calling user experience. A whole set of added value ready to take the Webex Calling experience to the next level.

The Imagicle team is ready to demo these apps to you at Cisco Live EMEA 2023 in Amsterdam. Find us in the Cisco Area, 📍Booth D06 and Co-Sell Partner Lounge, where people have the opportunity to meet the team, enjoy live product demos, see presentations, ask questions, and more!

The time is now. Why don’t you book a meeting with us to block a slot for a personalized session?

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