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Imagicle Screen Recording. Your ally to enhance customer eXperience.

It’s time to present the second big news of Winter Release 2023. Imagicle Screen Recording is about to hit the market as a new Call Recording add-on, allowing supervisors not only to analyze the voice content of conversations but also what the agent was doing on screen while calling. Ready to discover it?

Brace yourselves. Winter is coming!

Welcome, reader! This is Francesco from the R&D team. After my first article about being an Imagicle student, I’m back with a second one. I’m not here to bore you with my writing skills (which are questionable), so let’s dive into the core of this post.

Typically, winter is the season of cold, snow, and hot chocolates. I don’t know where you are reading this from, but here in Italy, this winter is one of the hottest of all time; continue at this rate, instead of the sleigh with the reindeer, Santa Claus will arrive on a jet ski this Christmas.

Besides the weather, the hottest thing this season will be the release of Winter 2023. You already know the new features it brought to Voice Analytics, and now it’s time to present the product Imagicle is about to launch: Screen Recording! The new add-on of Imagicle Call Recording to capture agents’ on-screen activities during calls and replay the customer interaction to better understand, audit, and review business processes.

Imagicle Screen Recording. Your ally to enhance customer eXperience.

Screen – but first Call – Recording.

Screen Recording will be a new add-on for Imagicle Call Recording – so let’s take a step back.

Supposing you are reading our blog for the first time, Imagicle Call Recording is the Imagicle solution providing the capabilities to register internal/external calls, whether in the office or remotely, and it integrates with the leading calling platforms such as Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams (and, of course, it’s integrated with our Attendant Console). 

With three recording modes and full regulatory compliance, it’s the software businesses need to stay secure, flexible, and compliant with regulations such as MiFID II and PCI-DSS.

Imagicle Screen Recording. Your ally to enhance customer eXperience.

Moreover, since its first add-on was launched, Voice Analytics, call recordings can be transcribed and analyzed with sentiment analysis. This allows companies to retain all detail and point of interest, save time and money in the analysis phase, and act proactively and precisely in case of need. 

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In a nutshell, Imagicle offers an opportunity to record all calls for security and compliance and analyze them to refine and improve customer interactions to spot new opportunities. But since the core of the Imagicle philosophy is always trying to achieve more and do better, we realized we wanted to give more to our customers.

That’s why, with Winter 2023, customers will also enjoy a third step in their call analysis: Screen Recording, a new technology that records agents’ on-screen activities during calls.

Let’s see how it works and what it really is without further ado.

Why Screen Recording?

First, let’s clarify what I mean by “recording agents’ on-screen activities during calls.” I don’t mean recording the call’s screen, perhaps with a screen-sharing or avatars. I mean that Screen Recording will record the entire agent’s desktop PC screen, inside and outside the calling platform.

So, for example, if the customer asks a question about the status of their ticket and the agent opens the CRM, Screen Recording will capture it, giving the supervisor the possibility to assess whether the action taken by the agent was right or wrong.

Speaking about that, among the advantages that a Screen Recording technology brings to your call recording system, the one I find most interesting is coaching. 

In fact, allowing a supervisor to watch what the operator was doing on their pc during an audio call enables them to have precise information, context, and give indications and advice to improve the effectiveness of the operator’s work.

Imagicle Screen Recording. Your ally to enhance customer eXperience.

To be more concise, here’s a series of scenarios in which Screen Recording comes in handy:

  • Auditing and reviewing business processes. Screen Recording adds screen activities to voice conversations, providing a complete and reliable view of interactions to understand them fully and implement a better plan.
  • Monitor and improve process adherence and efficiency.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risk.
  • Provide crucial evidential records for resolving queries or disputes.

How does screen recording work?

After Winter Release 2023, customers will enable the screen recording feature directly through the Imagicle UCX Suite portal under the related section of Call Recording.

We designed a flexible and powerful architecture made of 

  • An agent to be installed on every workstation of the operators who will be recorded (even by centralized deployment). This is a non-intrusive software that silently captures the screen whenever the agent is in conversation.
  • A powerful and scalable screen recording server component which may be installed in the same UC Suite server or, for larger deployment, on dedicated servers.
Imagicle Screen Recording. Your ally to enhance customer eXperience.

When an operator starts an audio recording, the UCX Suite will automatically start capturing the screen on their workstation until the call is over. Recording of the screen can’t be separated from the recording of the call: Screen Recording will always be automatically prompted whenever a recording starts and stopped whenever a recording is terminated.

In order to comply with regulations such as MiFID II and PCI-DSS, Screen Recording can also be configured to blank the captured video whenever the agent pauses the recording to skip sensitive information such as credit card numbers.

Under the Call Recording list, you will be able to check what audio also has a screen recording and be able to download them (if you have the correct permissions, of course).

In fact, Screen Recording comes with some valuable features configurable by settings:

  • Permissions: admins can control who has access to the screen recordings and can always download them, but they can allow also other users to see and download them.
  • Video blanking: when an audio recording will be paused to skip sensitive information, also the video recording will be blanked, this behavior can be changed as desired by the administrators
  • Wrap-up time: defines how much time the screen recording will continue to register the operator monitor after the audio recording has been stopped.
  • Last but not least, Upload video recordings: you can configure the UCX Suite to upload the video recordings automatically to Imagicle Voice Analytics, making the most of Imagicle Call Recording, Screen Recording, and Voice Analytics integration!
Imagicle Screen Recording. Your ally to enhance customer eXperience.
Example of Screen Recording download

Call Recording, Screen Recordings and Voice Analytics: Better Together!

The future is even brighter for the screen recording! With Voice Analytics onboard, a supervisor will be able to play the video and audio recordings together, simultaneously, in the same player, enjoying all the features already provided by Voice Analytics regarding voice calls: multilingual transcriptions, sentiment analysis, tags, smart search, and more!

So, adding both Screen Rercording and Voice Analytics to Call Recording will provide you the best possible experience: not only unified search, but also unified playback and advanced recordings analysis. 

Imagicle Screen Recording. Your ally to enhance customer eXperience.


Now that you know much more about Screen Recording, how excited are you? If you want to learn more about it first, watch the Winter Release 2023 webinar and be the first to discover all about Screen Recording and the other exciting news that Winter is bringing!

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