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Process needed for On-Prem solutions only.

Here's how you get the latest updates.

For On-Prem solutions, see below. Cloud solutions are automatically updated with each release.

If you don't have an Imagicle account...

You need to register here, access your personal area and go to the download tab on the top-right and follow the instructions.

If you already have an Imagicle account...

Access your personal area here, navigate to the download tab on the top-right and follow the instructions.

Move it to the Cloud

Where updates are automatic!

Enhanced security.

Securely connected to your network, i.e. via VPN or Equinix ECX, while leveraging your existing PSTN lines. You can go live immediately.

Always up-to-date.

3 seasonal updates granting access to current capabilities, new features and services with zero downtime. The best choice to get your job done at best.

Private or public.

The UCX Cloud Platform can be deployed with Public or Private models, with different levels of flexibility, several connection models and local availability.

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