Building your communications security.

Security and simplicity can work together.
Our goal is to guarantee the protection of your data and products with zero impact on your communications experience.

Effective Security Posture & Efficient Processes.

Risk assessment is at the very center of ISO 27001, a standard based upon an organization's understanding and management of its risk profile to ensure that the right level of control is applied consistently across the organization and protect information security assets from threats successfully. We have taken this certification to give our customers and partners a clear message: security best practices and continuous improvement are put into practice. 0695.2021 is more than our certificate number: it's the commitment we make with you.

The Cloud has never
been safer.

Imagicle UC Cloud Suite is deployed with Public or Private models, offering different levels of flexibility and several connection models. Available for every GEO and based on Amazon AWS Data Centers, it is specifically designed to secure your workloads and applications in the cloud through various safety and compliance processes, relying on a leading cloud provider's top-level security.

Growing security into the products we create.

All Imagicle applications are developed using a Secure Software Development Lifecycle approach according to the Web Security Testing Guide, covering revisions, code review, penetration testing and DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) – a result of an accurate process of setting up our personal framework to develop secure software. Moreover, we continuously update our apps' security levels with feature such as Microsoft Modern Authentication based on OAuth 2.0 standard, used for token-based authentication and authorization.

Examine and respond to cyber threats.

We give cybersecurity a leading role in every phase of the development of our solutions. The OWASP Top 10 is a regularly updated report outlining security concerns for web application security, focusing on the 10 most critical risks. Together with 3 seasonal software updates, we are releasing, in addition to new features, security enhancements that help us fight these major threats, but also a series of vulnerability fixes and hotfixes released during the year to ensure the maximum speed in solving problems, always investing in research and progress to be able to fight the highest possible number of threats.

Regulation&Compliance: we've got your back.

We work hard to meet business security requirements and help our customers and partners prevent avoidable fines. Proper authorization controls, role-based access, detailed reporting features, audit trails of activities and flexible retention data are just some of the security measures implemented in our apps, ready to meet a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards such as GDPR, MiFID II, FINMA, PCI-DSS and more.

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    Fax away. Imagicle has got your HIPAA compliance covered.
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    Imagicle Call Analytics: monitor your communications safely.
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