Imagicle for Healthcare.

Benefit from timely communications and perfect interoperability anywhere at any time and take care of privacy matters with Imagicle dedicated solutions.

Top Benefits of Imagicle UCX Platform for the Healthcare industry.

Take care of your patients’ (data).

Imagicle is ready to protect the sensitive info you handle. Our solutions are 100% compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and other stringent regulations thanks to industry-standard encryption and safety mechanisms for system security.

Increase staff productivity.

People in healthcare are often overworked. Improve their work experience with easy-to-use, advanced solutions able to cut time spent on bureaucratic matters and increase time spent with patients.

Digitize and simplify.

Get rid of endless paper and expensive machines. Streamline administration with best-in-class Digital Fax, bringing faxing in one place, accessible from multiple devices, thus eliminating paper costs. Then, add Contact Manager to access centralized directories wherever you are.

All the scalability you need.

Rightsizing tools, especially with the boom of telehealth, is a major challenge. Imagicle solutions, especially if deployed in the Cloud, can be easily scaled without needing to buy new, expensive physical machines.

Faster and efficient communications.

Being informed of what’s happening across the organization at all times is crucial to provide everyone with the services they need, staff included. Imagicle UCs help you stay on top with high-touch, reliable communication tools.

Accessible for everyone.

Staying on budget while achieving good work conditions can be tough, especially after the pandemic. Moving to the Cloud, SW products, support, and operational costs will be included in a single, clear subscription with a lower TCO.

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Immediate and reliable.

A split second can save a person’s life. This is why real time communications are essential for healthcare workers: knowing what a colleague is doing, calling someone in a second, getting the right information from a reliable source are essential part of the job. Imagicle Customer Service allows you to check the availability of a colleague and route calls to the right agent at all times, while Imagicle Call Recording lets you browse through conversations quickly and compliantly. Plus, our solutions stay available and running even in case of server errors, thanks to High Availability, thus eliminating down times and keeping critical operations smooth.

Easy onboarding and fast support.

Healthcare workers, when presented with new technology, often struggle with poor adoption. To adopt new technology in the right way, you need a tailor-made onboarding process and a simple user experience. Imagicle Advanced Services are always ready to help you with configuration and implementation, letting you forget about technical obstacles and requirements. You can start using your new solutions right after installation without worrying about downtimes or server mulfunctioning: Imagicle Support, rated 9.8, is ready to solve your issues before you notice thanks to our exclusive Proactive Support.

Interoperability and security.

Cooperation is key. Practitioners need to access patient data fastly and easily, to always have up-to-date information available, and to be able to use their work tools from multiple devices, even more so if telehealth and flexible working options are involved. Our UCX Platform deployed in the Cloud offers you not only a unified experience, but also a level of security you’ve never seen before: our solutions are ISO 27001 certified to give our customers and partners a clear message: security best practices and continuous improvement are put into practice.

Break down complexities. Make your customers happy.

The unification of communication channels into one organized and easy-to-use UCX platform allows for more meaningful interactions between staff and with customers, leading to an immediate improvement of the overall service. Imagicle Customer Service allows you to keep on top of call volume, so that calls are not missed or misrouted, while real-time monitoring of agents allows for ongoing coaching and improvement of call handling. Call Analytics reporting capabilities help you size your communication system correctly and make smart data-driven decisions to save time and money. Call Recording allows you not to lose fundamental data for your financial activities, archive and retrieve them in a snap. With Contact Manager, you’ll find the contact you are looking for within seconds among multiple directories and avoid unnecessary waiting times, while our Digital Fax allows you to send faxes in one click just like an email.

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Imagicle solutions ensure complete compliance with data regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Provide your patience with a service they can trust and your staff with tools they can fastly use to handle e data.


Get rid of old management methods: paperless fax, centralized directories, and digital, schedulable reports will make it easy to stay on top of your workload and reduce stress (and expenses!)

Support response time

Rely on a support service that will resolve your issues proactively, even in the middle of the night. No more downtimes with ImagicleCare!

Unanswered or misrouted calls

Stay on top of call volume thanks to efficient routing, transfer, pause/ resumption, possibility of checking if colleagues are available.

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