Imagicle for Education.

Streamline back-office activities, enhance collaboration and meet parents’ and students’ expectations with Imagicle dedicated solutions.

Top Benefits of Imagicle UCX Platform for the Education industry.

Everything under control.

Record calls to resolve disputes, modernize and speed up your infrastructure with more efficient, paperless services, implement monitoring tools to rightsize your telephone system, and so much more.

More integration, less costs.

Instead of having to deal with multiple, expensive systems, Imagicle UC apps make it possible to bring all communications onto one platform - which means one bill, one cost, one support, one partner.

Clear goals. Easy implementation.

Adapting to the tech revolution we’re experiencing can be tough on educational institutions. Imagicle breaks down the resistance to this change with solutions that address specific needs, making your life easier.

Features, functionality, compliance.

A great communication system is nothing without compliance. Our solutions bring together high-touch tech and full respect for regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA, MiFID II, PCI-DSS. Plus, they're ISO27001 certified.

Keep your staff happy and efficient.

Institutions’ staffs need to be able to cooperate at all times, even if people are not physically close. Eliminate the stress of being unable to reach a colleague by being able to check their availability at all times.

Down times are a distant memory.

Forget about rescheduling classes due to slow updates or system errors. Thanks to High Availability, our solutions keep running even in case of server malfunctioning and, if you’re on the Cloud, automatic updates ensure 0 downtimes.

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Distant learning that brings you closer.

Remote learning is made possible mainly thanks to collaboration and communication platforms. Imagicle solutions are integrated and available from your calling platform’s client, simplifying administration and use. Record calls, send faxes, redirect a call to the right agents in seconds. Find a contact in the blink of an eye. Everything without having to stop your lesson or waste time on multiple platforms and devices. And if you’re choosing Cloud calling platforms, Imagicle has got your back thanks to advanced, native integrations and exclusive gadgets. Enable teachers to be fully efficient and to help students become great citizens.

Keep your students safe.

Students’ safety is a top priority for educational institutions. Imagicle Call Recording can be a powerful ally to prevent school violence and harassments through full coverage of conversations and activity reports, resolve disputes, access every inbound and outbound phone conversation, monitor the frequency and length of calls, set a best practice communications guide. With its three recording modes available, role-based access, and encrypted storage, Call Recording is also fully compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, MiFID II, and PCI-DSS regulations.

Get in touch quickly.

Unanswered queries make parents and students frustrated. Make sure that doesn’t happen with Imagicle Customer Service, a comprehensive set of solutions that eliminates long waiting times and missed calls. Imagicle Attendant Console allows you to transfer a call to the right agent at all times, but not before having checked if that colleague is available thanks to presence status. Imagicle Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant help you manage queues and create personalized IVR flows, cutting customer waiting times and making everyone feel welcomed and taken care of, also thanks to the possibility of greeting them by name thanks to the Caller ID feature.

Break down complexities. Make customers happy.

The unification of communication channels into one organized and easy-to-use UCX platform allows for more meaningful interactions between staff and with customers, leading to an immediate improvement of the overall service. Imagicle Customer Service allows you to keep on top of call volume, so that calls are not missed or misrouted, while real-time monitoring of agents allows for ongoing coaching and improvement of call handling. Call Analytics reporting capabilities help you size your communication system correctly and make smart data-driven decisions to save time and money. Call Recording allows you not to lose fundamental data for your financial activities, archive and retrieve them in a snap. With Contact Manager, you’ll find the contact you are looking for within seconds among multiple directories and avoid unnecessary waiting times, while our Digital Fax allows you to send faxes in one click just like an email.

Attendant Console - Centralino Telefonico








Handled calls per year

Stay on top of call volume thanks to efficient routing, transfer, pause/ resumption, possibility of checking if colleagues are available.

Training effort

Imagicle solutions are easy-to-use and intuitive. Forget about difficulties or training and get ready for a high-touch tech refresh.

Budget overrun

All the UC solutions you need to boost your communications and collaboration system behind a single pane of glass, coming from one partner, thus lowering costs.

Recorded calls

Record 100% of calls from all devices, skip sensitive data, set data retention time, archive and retrieve conversations quickly, and get full compliance with MiFID II, GDPR, and PCI-DSS.

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