Imagicle for Government.

Allocating costs, monitoring resources usage, enabling efficient communications: make it easy with Imagicle dedicated advanced tools.

Top Benefits of Imagicle UCX Platform for Government Institutions.

Protect stakeholders’ data. Always.

Manage sensitive information such as citizens’ data easily and in compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations through dedicated UC solutions with role-based access and encrypted data storage that ensure top confidentiality.

Stay on budget.

Meet high standards even when running on a tight budget by eliminating hardware maintenance costs. Then, take it to the next level by choosing the Imagicle Cloud, allowing maximum scalability without a prohibitive initial investment.

Be transparent. Be trustworthy.

To be trustworthy, providing transparent reports and making data-driven decisions is crucial. Schedule detailed trend and cost analysis, store data in full compliance thanks to flexible data retention, and meet citizens' quality expectations.

Tidy and centralized faxes.

Governments make intensive use of faxes. Virtualizing the fax system allows you to save time and money and to increase its overall security and performance, with faxes received and sent directly from your email client for maximum privacy.

Bureaucracy is tough. Simplify it.

Bureaucracy can be a nightmare if not managed efficiently. Recording relevant information in full compliance, digital and secure storing, expedited call management with calls being routed to the right agent right away can make a real difference.

It works. Always.

Governmental tools need to be constantly up and running to ensure the availability required by citizens. Thanks to High Availability, included in the Imagicle apps, no data or documents will be lost even in cases of server malfunctioning.

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Build solid trust in the blink of a click.

Governments’ actions are 100% accountable to their citizens, who demand clarity, transparency, and to be informed of what’s happening from budget management to the handling of their data. When a citizen’s call or contact request is answered late, or worse, remains unanswered, it can be frustrating and can lead to a loss in trust. Be sure this never happens with a perfectly organized, complete customer service solution that allows you to stay on top of call volume, greet people by name thanks to Caller ID, redirect the call to the right agent in a click, create personalized IVR flows, and much more.

Easy to deploy, manage, and scale.

A common challenge in government institutions is working with outdated technology and not being able to upgrade to more advanced tools. Having to deal with different matters across departments, like ensuring law & order and building proper infrastructures for citizens, sometimes there just isn’t enough budget for a tech refresh. Imagicle UCX Cloud Platform is here to change that. Powered, hosted, secured, and monitored by Imagicle, it provides all your top-notch UC apps behind a single pane of glass and handled by one partner, lowering TCO and maintenance costs in the long run: all costs are included in a single subscription, with the possibility of adding our Proactive Support service rated 9.8 out of 10.

The utmost respect for everyone’s privacy.

Saveguarding employees’ and citizens’ privacy has never been easier. Imagicle apps offer multiple functionalities aimed at complying with data regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. Included in Imagicle Call Analytics, Phone Lock makes it easy to uncover phone abuses: lock phones upon budget reach, lock your personal phone when you leave your station, and more. Imagicle Call Recording includes role-based access and data encryption, while the Attendant Console allows you to create role-based profiles for different responsibilities, and more. Data leaks become a distant memory.

Break down complexities. Make customers happy.

The unification of communication channels into one organized and easy-to-use UCX platform allows for more meaningful interactions between staff and with customers, leading to an immediate improvement of the overall service. Imagicle Customer Service allows you to keep on top of call volume, so that calls are not missed or misrouted, while real-time monitoring of agents allows for ongoing coaching and improvement of call handling. Call Analytics reporting capabilities help you size your communication system correctly and make smart data-driven decisions to save time and money. Call Recording allows you not to lose fundamental data for your financial activities, archive and retrieve them in a snap. With Contact Manager, you’ll find the contact you are looking for within seconds among multiple directories and avoid unnecessary waiting times, while our Digital Fax allows you to send faxes in one click just like an email.


Attendant Console - Centralino Telefonico







Accuracy in cost allocation

Monitor telephone traffic from A to Z: several customizable reports, alarms and phone lock in case of budget overrun.

Recorded calls

Skip sensitive data, set data retention time, archive and retrieve conversations quickly, and get full compliance with MiFID II, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

Virtualized and paperless faxing

Reduce the risk of unsecured communications by virtualizing your fax system, track communications, eliminate maintenance and be fully compliant with GDPR and HIPAA.

Customer waiting time

Stay on top of call volume thanks to efficient routing, transfer, pause/ resumption, possibility of checking if colleagues are available.

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