Massimo Di Puccio Massimo Di Puccio - 12 March, 2020 - 2 ’ read

Covid-19. You can always count on us!

Dear customers and partners,

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who contacted us asking for updates about Imagicle people based in Italy, in these difficult days struggling with Coronavirus.

We are all fine, thank you, and we hope the same for you.

Imagicle culture for happy people and happy customers leads us to ensure safe, healthy, comfortable working conditions for our teams, while designing services and preparing the organization to grant you the best support, also in case of emergency.

Don’t worry, all operations will keep running as always, with no impact on your services.

Our teams are ready to help you with support tickets, manage your new projects on time, and keep designing a smarter way to communicate, even in situations like the one we are experiencing today.

Of course, we will do it remotely. We won’t have the pleasure of meeting you in person at your sites or events for a while, but we are eager to make your Imagicle experience equally enjoyable through Cisco Webex and other tools.
You can count on us.

As a company, we took very careful precautions from the beginning of COVID 19.

Our teams, based in different geo (Europe, Middle East, and North America), are facing different challenges at this stage. Italy, where many of us are based, is subjected to the most significant impact with countrywide restrictions and a “Stay at home” enforcement policy. Last week we have decided to close Italian and Dubai offices, and we are all working from home, thanks to the Imagicle applications and other smart working tools we use every day, with no travel allowed for at least one month.

But in these tough moments, we also feel the need to make our best impact to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. It doesn’t matter if the problem is near or far from you: all of us should consider it as our own problem, strictly following all the directives issued by the competent authorities and committing ourselves to do even more in order to keep people safe. Good practices and information are critical to winning this new global challenge, and we believe that each of us can make an impact. 

You can count on us. We count on you.

Stay safe!


Your Imagicle team


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