Massimo Di Puccio
Co-CEO, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

Massimo was born in Viareggio, a small Tuscan town nestled between the sea and the mountains. When not engaged in his spearfishing adventures or in gardening ones, he works as CEO, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Imagicle, leading the company together with Christian Bongiovanni, Co-CEO. He started his career as a Marketing Manager at Telcen, an ISV specialized in Call accounting for legacy platforms. After co-founding and working as Marketing & Sales Officer at Welcome Italia – a Telco Service Provider focused on business services – Massimo co-founded Imagicle in 2010. He has always been carrying on his work with passion and proficiency, leading the company and shaping its vision and strategy.

With his contribution, the company continues to grow and expand abroad, starting from the Middle East and the United States.

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