Elena Panzera Elena Panzera - 15 May, 2020 - 2 ’ read

Imagicle steps up for Schools and School Districts.

Imagicle for education. Free Download.

According to data from UNESCO, nationwide closures are impacting almost 70% of the world’s student population.
An efficient and rapid response is needed to protect one of the most affected and most important sectors for society, and Unified Communications can offer it.
Imagicle apps can help to address the COVID-19 challenges with resources and solutions to manage remote administration and educational services, keeping students safe and staff productive. 
Administrators, office staff, telecommunications, IT employees, facilities and operations staff, transportation directors, teachers, maintenance workers can benefit from a full set of innovative solutions for faster, more efficient communications and collaboration, enabling school personnel to seamlessly connect and guarantee the same level of quality for students and families.

Download Imagicle for Education for free and discover everything Imagicle can do for schools and school districts thanks to advanced apps such as Attendant Console, Call Recording, Call Analytics and Digital Fax, available on every device, on-site or remote, on-prem, hosted and in the Cloud.


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