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  • Tech Specs Blog
    TDD: why I decided that debugging wasn’t worth my time.
    Take it easy with all that debugging! Here's a Test-Driven-Development real-life usage example to learn how to release projects much faster and with higher quality and stop wasting your time in the tangle of bugs.
  • People Blog
    (Imagicle) technology explained to a 7-year-old girl.
    Here's how a young woman graduated in foreign languages became the Virtual Sales Leader of a Tech company.
  • Products Blog
    How to ensure your VOIP solutions don’t violate healthcare regulations.
    Learn how to make sure that your Voice over Internet protocol solution does not violate the rules on the management and exchange of sensitive data.
  • Products Blog
    Agile: knowledge sharing and CoPs.
    Discover the Communities of Practice, a simple and powerful method to connect people, share information, and identify solutions to common problems.
  • Tech Specs Blog
    Agile marketing: change your mindset, embrace flexibility and rock your team.
    Scrum is a useful approach to help marketing teams identify and focus their efforts on high-value activities and improve the results over time. Learn how to use Agile marketing to increase transparency and efficiency, and build a marketing team that delivers results (and actually rocks!).
  • Event Blog
    Imagicle lands @ Cisco Live, San Diego.
    Discover the best of Imagicle at Cisco Live 2019 - San Diego. Call Recording compliance, Imagicle inside Cisco Jabber, API integrations.
  • Guide Blog
    Web meetings best practices. Win your customers’ heart.
    Discover 6 golden rules to make your video conferencing meetings more productive and rewarding for everyone.
  • Products Blog
    Make the most of your sales with Salesforce CRM.
    Find out how Salesforce CRM helps Imagicle to provide partners and customers with successful projects.
  • Products Blog
    Why U.K. Government is heavily investing in Cloud Technology.
    Find out what's happening in the UK clouds and what we talk about when we refer to the digital transformation.
  • Products Blog
    Imagicle applications security: vulnerabilities and threats mitigation.
    Learn the core concepts of web application security and discover some basic techniques that developers should use to reduce the chances of a security breach.
  • Event Blog
    Imagicle U.K. tour: getting closer to the customers overseas.
    Channel Manager Italy, UK & Ireland, Riccardo talks about his journey through the Cisco events in the U.K., to discover the peculiarities of this market and show the specialty of the Imagicle proposition.
  • Tech Specs Blog
    Artificial Intelligence applications and use cases. A look into the future.
    Just landed in Imagicle's R&D team, Simone, specialized in Artificial Intelligence tech, tells us how AI can help us solve complex problems and perform tasks normally accomplished by humans (and how we make it real in Imagicle!). Discover some of the best tricks of this magical technology to bring value and simplify your daily work.
  • Tech Specs Blog
    Scaling Agile: LeSS Scrum adoption.
    Discover simple structural rules and guidelines on how to adopt Scrum in large product development. Start now to do more. With LeSS.
  • Support Blog
    3 must-have skills for a successful Customer Service.
    Reduce the work the customer has to do to get their problem solved. Increase their happiness.
  • Event Blog
    How webinars can skyrocket your B2B company.
    Discover how to increase your content marketing strategy through webinars: the best way to reach new audiences, position your company as a resource and generate high-quality leads.
  • Tech Specs Blog
    Agile software development: the retrospective.
    Imagicle Scrum Master will guide you through a real retrospective, showing you how to manage your strengths and weaknesses and turn software development into an efficient, enriching (and fun!) process.
  • Release Blog
    Imagicle: Winter Release 2019 greatest hits.
    A season of research, innovation, and growth in the Imagicle development team. Discover the most remarkable news of Winter Release 2019.
  • People Blog
    How the high-tech world will save the humanities (or the other way round).
    Find out how to leverage your liberal arts degree in tech and how humanities are valuable in supporting the creation of products oriented to the real needs of customers.
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    • Brochure Blog
      The only Cloud that makes the sun come out.
      How about finding a way to work fast, but in perfect synergy with your teams?The Cloud is the answer. Discover how!
    • EN WatchWatch
      WEBINAR - Release
      Summer Release 2021. New hot features!
      Ready for an explosion of innovation? Check out all the new features included in Summer Release 2021.
    • Security Blog
      ISO 27001. Taking care of your data protection.
      Imagicle obtained the ISO27001 certificate. Here’s a summary of what it means and what will change in terms of security.
    • Release News
      Summer Release 2021: a sea of innovation.
      The new Summer Release 2021 is now available! Discover all the new features.

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