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Imagicle solutions for the Government industry.

Imagicle solutions for the Government industry.

As you all can imagine, the daily job of governmental institutions is filled with heavy responsibilities. Plus, they are required to meet high standards from citizens and other agencies, especially when it comes to customer service & care, and general management.
Governments are the beating heart of the state they govern, and as such, they need to be 100% trustworthy. To achieve that goal, communication and collaboration between employees need to be a well-oiled machine.
Let’s add the cherry on the cake of governmental challenges: they are often forced to run on tight budgets, which forces them to work with outdated technology.  If this was an impasse before the Covid-19 emergency and the transition to smart working, it is safe to say that nowadays it is a major problem that needs to be solved.
In our Imagicle for Government brochure, we have identified a series of areas where our best-in-class UC apps can be a golden player in making governments’ communications faster, smarter, and easier:
  • Correct cost allocation and transparent reports are a must if you want to achieve maximum trustworthiness and cost-effectiveness. That’s exactly what Imagicle Call Analytics is for, but it does way more than that, too.
  • A virtualized and secure fax system is a time and money saver, not to mention how important it is regulation-wise. Imagicle Digital Fax is ready to take your faxing to the next level, in full compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations.
  • Efficient call management really makes a difference. Imagicle Attendant Console will make sure you don’t miss or misroute any call, while Imagicle Call Recording will record and safely store your every call for future reference… in compliance with any regulation and on any device, of course! 
And let’s not forget that the Imagicle UCX Suite provides you with any tool you need behind a single pane of glass, simplifying deployment and use, and cutting costs… in the Cloud, too!
Download our Imagicle for Government brochure to dig deeper into the matter at hand and make your organization’s life faster, smarter, and easier. It’s free! slightly smiling face

Let go of noisy fax machines and occupied phone lines.

Download our free brochure to know how Imagicle can take your governmental organization to the next level, especially in smart working.


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