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Your Imagicle Attendant Console gets safer than ever.

Why you need a TLS certificate to keep your data safe.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man of weal… ops, no this is another story (or is it a song?). My name is Michele, and I’m one of the Imagicle software engineers. I’m new in the company and this is my very first article for the blog, so please, be kind. slightly smiling face 
Network security becomes an increasingly decisive topic due to the large number of transactions and data that we share through cloud systems. The violation of the identity or credentials has become a problem no one wants to deal with. We want to be on the first line to grant the security and safety of all the data you provide to us.
The new Attendant Console aims to give full support to network security, wherever you are.
A secure connection is intended to avoid that the streaming of information from one point to another is intercepted, read, modified, or re-directed. The tools we need to achieve this result are the TLS certificates. Through this technology, it is possible to establish connections that assure privacy and integrity of the information shared and can also guarantee the identity of the actors involved in the transaction.
With the winter update, the Imagicle Attendant Console can fully support TLS secure connection.
So, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the safest Attendant Console ever.

The safety you are looking for is just a click away, but it must be the right click. 

As previously said, the problem of keeping our own data safe has become more and more important, and it shouldn’t impact the usability of our daily tools.
The solution to this problem is here, and it’s the use of TLS connections.
But what are exactly these TLS certificates?
security attendant
TLS means Transport Layer Security, a standard technology that guarantees network safety and protects sensible data exchanged between two systems, thus avoiding unwanted guests to read and modify the transferred information. The systems’ communication could involve a server, client (that’s our case), or any cardinal combination of these two entities.
In this way, it’s impossible to read or steal any data transferred between users and websites or two systems. It’s also possible to use cryptographic algorithms to encrypt the transfer data, preventing their reading during the transit on a digital connection.
This sidesteps the chance that the data are read during the exchange. Besides, the TLS grants a check on the identity between the actors involved and forbids third actors to interfere between the two ends of the connection to re-direct or compromise the data.

Beware of Bob. Encryption is not enough.

Let’s assume that you’re starting a session between your Attendant Console and your server and that Bob chose your Company with the intent to steal as much information as possible. He’s been spoofing on your Company network for a while, and he’s ready to attack your system. Someone (someone who’s not Imagicle) could believe that encrypting your password and user credentials will be enough to solve the problem. But Bob is as smart as a fox. He noticed that your login data are not plain on your network, but that you haven’t any control over the identity of the actors involved. Next time you’ll try to connect with the server, Bob will trace the public key that the server is sending you to encrypt the data and will give you a new one that he created (since he owns the key to decrypt).
TLS security operator console
From now on, whenever you communicate with your server you’re sending your data to Bob, who could easily decrypt, modify, encrypt them again and send them to the server. Neither you nor the server would notice. This happens because, without a TLS certificate, it’s not possible to authenticate the actors involved in a transaction
It is often possible to accept a certificate whether it is secure or not by simply ticking a box., but this is not network security and this is not Imagicle: we won’t allow our console to use an untrusted certificate.
So, is it worth running risks when you can simply update your suite to Winter 2021, habilitate secure connection, exploit the security and integrity guaranteed by TLS systems, and sleep well?

Stay safe, live peacefully, choose Imagicle.

As we’ve seen, with smart working spreading as fast as the pandemic, network security should be our main focus. I’m quite sure that none of you ever want to put the company network at risk, especially now that many people have to connect from home, sometimes with their own devices. This could cause various violations and, in the worst scenario, it could open a backdoor on your Imagicle UCX Suite Server for the attacker.
With the Winter 2021 update, both your Imagicle UCX Suite server and the console will be able to establish a safe, trusted and encrypted connection.
All you have to do is install the self-signed certificate given with the Imagicle UCX Suite’s set-up on the machines where your Attendant Console runs. That’s it; you’re ready to go!
What is it that you are saying? Installing the certificate on all the machines is a bore? Well, I agree with you. That’s why there are two ways to make all this more ImAgile.
You can buy a trusted certificate from an authorized organization (in this case, nothing would be done on the client machines) or you can rely on Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite (obviously, I vote for this solution!). Yes, with a subscription to the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite system, we will provide and manage the trusted certificate for you. You don’t have to worry about the request, manage or renew your certificate: we’ll do it for you!
One click on the “secure connection” option and you’ll be ready to enjoy your beloved console with the highest degree of security!
BTW, stay tuned. The breeze of winter news has just begun!


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