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3 reasons why you should know Imagicle.

1. Faster, smarter, easier.

To get to the first reason why you should know Imagicle, let’s take a little step back in time. It was 2010, and two existing companies in the telecommunications field, Stonevoice and Telcen, had an idea: merge and combine their skills to simplify the interaction between man and communication tools while making communications more human (and, perhaps, men more communicative). We were about 30 souls, and we had every intention of carving out our place in the world and express our conception of work and creativity. We found the idea a bit magical, so we decided to put some magic in the name too, which also sums up the heart of our development framework, Agile. 
Voilà, Imagicle was born. Today we are almost 100 people located in several offices in Italy, the US and the Middle East (BTW, here’s how we celebrated our first 10 years), but our initial purpose remained unchanged: to make everyday work communications faster, smarter, and easier.
What does that mean? 
Do you also believe in the importance of having communications tools that meet your needs and make your life easier? Well, here’s your first good reason to know Imagicle.
Enjoy a short summary video of our company and apps.

2. Nobody is left behind.

One of our missions at Imagicle is to offer the same advanced tools and the same first-class services to everyone, regardless of the industry, the company’s size, and the infrastructure you have.
  • Enterprises can take advantage of On-Premise and Cloud deployment, with the possibility, even for those who choose to get the apps on-prem, to connect to the Imagicle Cloud to take advantage of exclusive services such as Cloud Licensing, Proactive Support, and the upcoming AI/ML services.
  • Service Providers can complete their UCaaS offer with all the services their customers need, getting the Imagicle UCX Suite running on the Imagicle Cloud or hosted in their DCs.
Of course, regardless of the architecture chosen, all our customers will receive the same warm and constant support and assistance and will be able to access a wide range of free training tools to become familiar with the Imagicle tools. Just to name one, every week Imagicle offers brand-new webinars sorted by type:
  • Sales Lab, to get a comprehensive knowledge of products’ features and succeed with sales;
  • Tech Labs, dedicated to pre-sales, technical and engineers of reseller and partner;
  • How-to Series for end-users and system administrators to learn how to make the most of Imagicle apps.
We try to do everything we can to be by your side, and we are committed to transforming our efforts into concrete outcomes for your company. Look at the results we achieved in these industries in terms of time, money, and resources.

We care about your happiness.

Imagicle was born around people. Its mission has always been to put the individual at the center of communications and make communications suitable for the individual.
Before having customers in front of us, we are faced with human beings, whose request is to be helped to work, and therefore to live, more peacefully. This is why happiness is our first and foremost priority, in the world of yesterday and the world of today, with an even more collaborative workplace concept that requires adequate tools.
The happiness that we want to offer outside, of course, must be built day after day between us, within our teams and our company as a whole. This is why we believe in the importance of giving everyone equal rights, giving space to free initiative, and creating spaces for sharing and confrontation among the members of our large family.
imagicle happy people
We believe this is the only way to make our customers happy. (By the way, why don’t you take a look at some of our success stories?)


Here are three good reasons why you should know Imagicle. Somehow it may be encouraging to realize that even in complicated periods like the one we live in, there are virtuous examples of companies committed to offering the best despite adversity, always listening to your criticisms and your advice to create something useful and close to your needs.
Ps. do you want to jump on board? Check out our open positions!


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