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Imagicle US. Closer and closer to partners and customers.

It’s all about culture.

We all hear about the importance of “culture”: recognizing your roots, following through with core values, committing to live a lifestyle accordingly. But what is culture, really?

(cul·ture | \ ˈkəl-chə): The integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge.

Merriam-Webster vocabulary

So, “culture” matters, in and out of the work place. As you read through this blog, I suggest looking at the definition above from time to time and reflect on it, as it’s pretty cool to see how the concept of “culture” comes to life within Imagicle. 

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Imagicle: born around people.

Imagicle was born in 2010 from two great minds who merged their respective companies to create something entirely new. And while there’s no way to stop the rapid evolution of technology and of the world in general, there are indeed things that never change. 

Our mission has always been to put the individual at the center of communications and make communications suitable for the individual.

What does it mean? Well, it means that we want to use technology as a mean to enhance human relationships. Everyday we work to refine our proposition, to make it more high-touch, to be on the lookout for any new need arising from the market(s) we’re in. You can find out more about the nature of the company in this post titled 3 reasons why you should know Imagicle, but let me give you a striking example.

The pandemic divided traditional offices into thousands and thousands of home offices, with new-found smart workers struggling with the situation. Immediately, there was a need to speed up communication and collaboration, to achieve mobility and flexibility, and to be able to access work tools at any time, from any device. Not to mention the absolute need not to lose any data, data that was previously stored in one place and now needed to be accessible from multiple sources.

We picked up on a trend and in 2020 we brought our solutions to the Cloud: easily scalable, flexible, more affordable, more secure, available from everywhere. 

We are faced with human beings, whose request is to be helped to work more effectively, efficiently, and as a collaborative team. „Happy people make happy customers“ is not just a catchphrase – it’s our model.

On this note – yes, we do put our customers’ and partners’ happiness in the foreground of our goals. But there’s also another group of people whose happiness is a key factor in our success strategy. 

Imagicle people, of course. 

We believe that only happy people can bring great results. That’s why, even and especially in difficult times, we do our best to keep morale up, for example by hosting inter-company digital events or by allowing ourselves to have a break over a virtual coffee because it’s important to discuss the next innovation, the next sales strategy or the next marketing campaign, but it’s also important to know that your colleague is about to get married and thus he’s nervous and needs emotional support. That’s who we are, what we believe in. That’s Imagicle.

Even though we’re often far away from one another, because of social distancing but also because we have offices in Italy, in the US, and in the Middle East, we’re a family. And we really care about that. After all, if there is one thing that these 2 years of the pandemic have taught us, it is that solid relationships do not fear distance.

Getting to know “US”.

“Why does an Italian company have offices in the USA?”, you ask?
Great question, my friend.

The simple answer is that sometimes you just plan to cross a road. But then, step after step, you look back – and you’ve climbed a mountain. Simply put: sometimes things happen that you never thought you could reach.

Imagicle had been doing business in the US for a bunch of years, all the way from Italy. At some point, since it was going so well, we realized it was time to put a ring on it and commit to nurturing the relationship. In 2017, Imagicle Inc was incorporated and since then the business has improved at an increasingly faster pace quarter after quarter, exceeding by far our expectations.

Of course, as the business grew, we realized we needed to check a few boxes to keep improving, among which we had to establish a solid local presence.

4 Italian guys were the first ones who set foot in our Fort Lauderdale office, and they made sure that the USA got the message that Imagicle was there to stay.

Fast forward to today, the staff in the USA is now a total of 8 talented people who have aligned with each other in such a way that allows us to provide excellence in the customer experience (CX) that is a foundation of the Imagicle culture. We are a diverse group, featuring: 

Imagicle US. Closer and closer to partners and customers.

Michel Ravasio, our Country Manager with 3 years of tenure. He is “the bridge between US and Italy”;

Imagicle US. Closer and closer to partners and customers.

Jaime Reinoso, our LATAM and South American Channel Manager;

Imagicle US. Closer and closer to partners and customers.

Ettore Damiani, another Italian counterpart. He is the channel Manger for Mid West and West US;

Imagicle US. Closer and closer to partners and customers.

Antonio Greco, another fellow Italian who joined our team and is in charge of the Solution Specialist tasks for the US;

Imagicle US. Closer and closer to partners and customers.

Stephen Sharon, a seasoned SaaS professional who manages the South and SouthEastern area, now expecting their first baby;

Imagicle US. Closer and closer to partners and customers.

Anthony Genna, new to our team and industry who is living and thriving in the BIG APPLE -New York City;

Imagicle US. Closer and closer to partners and customers.

Me (Darren Kretz), who has over 20+ years of experience in Telcom, IT, and SaaS markets. My lengthy tenure allows me to bring wisdom to an already talented group! To note I cover the Mid Atlantic & Government Channels. I am flanked by my (2) trusted assistants (Hunter & Autumn). Note  – they LOVE Italian Food and Pizza 🙂

Imagicle US. Closer and closer to partners and customers.

Anyone who feels they have the Imagicle touch and is ready to join us!

Yes – the majority of us are salespeople, and we have one Solution Specialist engineer, but let me tell you – that doesn’t mean that other services such as Support, Marketing, Advanced Services, etc. aren’t covered in the USA. On the contrary: we constitute the point of contact for US partners and customers. We listen to them and we’re ready to communicate their needs to our fellow colleagues in Europe or the Middle East, who are always ready to help. You see, our geographical division is not meant to be a barrier, but a bridge. Every GEO works for every GEO, in order to build a strong workforce with wires all over the world, while at the same time maintaining localization and direct points of contact in our main theaters.

Darren's dogs sitting in his garden.
My loyal co-workers taking a break in the sun.

The more you know…

Alright, guys. Now that I’ve introduced my team to you, let me tell you some good reasons why you should know Imagicle, in hopes that somehow it may be encouraging to know us even in complicated times in which we live, with Covid-19 not seeming to disappear soon, work-life balances that are not so balanced, the struggle to adapt to hybrid work models, and going out again after the better part of 2 years. 

There are virtuous examples of companies committed to offering the best out there, and we strive to be one of them. With our diverse team of people, we truly do not just listen to your needs. We HEAR what you are saying. We change the conversation to enhance the customer experience.

How? 4 words: Cloud Focused, Customer First!

Cloud focused.

As mentioned before, we gave life to our Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite to allow workers in every industry – finance, healthcare, education, government, etc. – to refresh their communication system and work seamlessly from any corner of the world. It is specifically designed to address the needs of a hybrid environment that might need sudden scaling. As Imagicle’s CEO said last week, “Cloud-first, but not Cloud only”, to satisfy the needs of every customer and partner and to cater to those who want to move to the Cloud at their own pace. This is why we offer Cloud-connected services even to those who still want to have their Imagicle UCX Suite On-Prem: we want to offer you a smooth transition to the Cloud, at your own pace and liking.

Customer first.

By the tone of voice of this article, you should’ve got it by now. Our core value is making people happy, first and foremost, whether they be customers, partners, or colleagues. With this in mind, we designed a Customer Service solution that leverages technology to facilitate automation and efficiency of services while humanizing them, with customizable IVR services, unlimited queues, role-based access, standard or personalized welcome messages, Caller ID functions, and more!
Cherry on top – our new product, Imagicle Manager Assistant, is on the way, ready to help you smooth out operations and collaborations between managers and assistants. Easy to use, customizable, flexible – a real goodie 😉


We’ve talked about Imagicle in the US, our core values, our value proposition… It’s time to wrap up. In a nutshell, what differentiates us at the core is our human-centered mentality.

Imagicle is nothing without its people, and we value each other as friends and family before employees or colleagues. That’s what makes us Imagicle and what pushes us to do great every day. We’re all so proud of where we are, and… the best is yet to come!

Make today great. Change conversations, be purposeful, and lift each other up while keeping a smile 🙂

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