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Cloud, Manager Assistant, Voice Analytics: a brand-new Imagicle world.

2021 has been a year of enormous transformation so far, in the corporate world and beyond: the labor market has definitively hybridized and the interaction between office and remote work is becoming natural. In this article, Imagicle’s co-CEO and CTO Christian Bongiovanni gives an overview of how the company has reacted to this shift and of the great technological innovations that will make your communications even faster, smarter, easier.

Change has two sides.

Physical, On-Prem tools and workspaces are progressively passing the torch to more flexible, cloud-based ones. So much so that, by 2022, 74% of organizations will choose permanent smart working positions for their employees, thus preferring softphones over desk phones, while 50% will choose direct cloud connectivity from their WANs, as opposed to the 10% recorded in 2019.

Technology has responded with enormous acceleration to meet these new needs for massive, rapid, secure multi-site communication and collaboration. Like any change, in fact, it can be a setback or a stepping stone, and at Imagicle, we have gone great lengths to make it a stepping stone.

We refer not only to the many technological innovations that we will see shortly but also to what has injected new life into the Imagicle expansion: the big investment that Zucchetti Group – the primary Italian group in enterprise software solutions, with over 700,000 business customers worldwide – has made in our company, to boost our growth and expand our offer. The synergy with the other companies in the group will allow us to innovate our solutions through omnichannel services for business communications and customer experience, using innovative ways that make intensive use of AI/ML, such as Virtual Assistants and conversational Voicebot.

Want to know more about Zucchetti’s entry into the Imagicle capital? Read our dedicated press release!

A long path to the clouds.

Over the past two years, we have heavily invested in creating a platform of services that can be consumed directly from the Cloud worldwide, with special attention to solutions’ security, connectivity, and performance.

Today, our beloved Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite is the preferred tool of hundreds of thousands of users, who have chosen it also because it integrates easily and natively with a variety of calling platforms and collaboration tools, such as Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. It is fully hosted, operated, and monitored, daily backed up, and constantly updated by Imagicle, saving you the troubles of management, problem-solving, and maintenance (take a look at this cloudy article!).

Cloud or Dedicated Cloud. Choose the Cloud that’s right for you.

And to offer maximum versatility, scalability, and adaptability on any type of platform, we are now able to provide either a Cloud or Dedicated Cloud model, offering different levels of flexibility, several connection models (i.e., via Imagicle public SBC, VPN, SD-WAN, Equinix ECX), and local availability. Thanks to the Cloud model you can add all the missing features to your Cloud Calling platform (Webex and Microsoft Teams), leveraging your existing PSTN lines and a simple OTT internet connection while adding elastic resources and unlimited data retention.

Cloud, Manager Assistant, Voice Analytics: a brand-new Imagicle world.

An avant-garde technology: new integrations, Voice Analytics, Manager Assistant.

Now, getting to the heart of the innovations, how about we briefly review some of the great news of the last few months?

Imagicle Voice Analytics.

Alright, let’s start from the end: Voice Analytics for Imagicle Call Recording, the result of a long refinement work in our development team.
This new app, officially available by the end of 2021, is our brand new AI cloud-native service ready to unleash the true power of your company conversations‘ content. How? Well by analyzing recorded voice calls and providing insights on transcripts and sentiment analysis, thus optimizing every interaction.

You’ll be able to analyze the conversations‘ content with automatic multilingual transcriptions (6 languages supported: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German), search for content, and, soon, tags/receive alarms based on certain spoken words/phrases and obtain an assessment of the sentiment of each conversation with your customers.
Just imagine the benefits of such a tool. In one fell swoop, you will better understand trends, you will improve agent performance and goal attainment for quality assurance and reduce customer churn, and you will have specific insights into your customers‘ experience.

A one-way road to your customers‘ hearts.

Wanna see our Voice Analytics in action?
Register for the dedicated webinar and enjoy a live demo.
Wednesday, January 26, 11,30 AM

New integrations for Cisco Webex Calling.

As you probably know, Imagicle is one of the few dozens Cisco Preferred Solutions Partners, with all products on Cisco Global Pricelist (since 2012) available as perpetual licenses and SW subscriptions. Our collaboration with Cisco is an integral part of our history, which is why we are committed to always creating new integrations with their tools. 

Summer 2021 brought significant results in that sense, presenting to the world the brand-new integration of Imagicle Attendant Console with Webex Calling, ready to bring simplified, high-touch call management to new horizons. 

Available in the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite together with the other must-have apps (Call Recording, Digital Fax, Contact Manager, and Call Analytics), today the Imagicle Attendant Console is entirely integrated into your Cisco Webex Calling. Ready for Windows to match your company needs, it takes control of your Webex client or your IP Phone, making your customer service faster, smarter and easier.

… and Microsoft Teams.

​​Responding to an increasing customer base demand – looking to adopt hybrid solutions or even moving workloads to the Microsoft cloud calling platform -, our commitment to Microsoft is also becoming increasingly consistent. This has already translated – together with our existing gadgets dedicated to the Microsoft Teams platform – into two brand new native integrations based on Microsoft Communications APIs, ready to boost your Microsoft Teams experience together with the other Imagicle apps.

Thanks to the Attendant Console, you can guarantee professional management of incoming calls with the most beautiful and complete operator console on the market, designed specifically with receptionists and agents in mind.

Meanwhile, Imagicle Call Recording allows you to record external and internal calls, search and listen to them directly from the Microsoft Teams client at any time, opening new doors to employee training, avoidance of lost data, conflict resolution, and more. And of course, full compliance with regulations such as GDPR, MiFID II, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA is always ensured.

Check out the Summer 2021 news to learn more about the new integrations.

New products to enhance your work, new integrations to make it easier. This and a lot more ready for you. Find out more.

The new Imagicle Manager Assistant.

Well, my friend, I’d like to close this review with the great new-entry of our UCX Suite, Imagicle Manager Assistant, specifically designed to improve call management and cooperation between Managers and Assistants: call delegation, different call behaviors according to the whitelists, call forwarding to selected destinations, configurable filters, interface integrated with Webex and Jabber and much much more.
Assistants are always ready to forward calls to their assigned Manager and, if the Manager’s busy, they will know right away, saving the time needed to check. Already available for Cisco platforms (and soon for MS Teams), it’s Imagicle’s top-notch solution to improve call management and cooperation, simplifying the call management delegation in a simple, agile, and scalable way.

Cloud, Manager Assistant, Voice Analytics: a brand-new Imagicle world.

More news from the Imagicle world.

Well, guys, before you go, now that I’ve given you an overview of all the innovations related to our products, let me share some other, equally important news coming from our world, from security to a renovated look-and-feel.

Security first.

According to Gartner, by 2023 the company security score will be just as important as the credit score. As Imagicle, we always made security one of our strongest priorities. In line with our core values, we wanted to send a clear message: we’re here and we’re ready to protect our customers’, partners’, and employees’ products, performances, and data. That’s why, in May of 2021, Imagicle got ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating a clear commitment to Information Security Management to third parties and stakeholders, because ISO 27001 increases reliability and security of systems and information. This means that our partners and customers can rest assured that their data are in safe hands and treated to the highest global standards.

Cloud, Manager Assistant, Voice Analytics: a brand-new Imagicle world.

Icing on the cake. Brand-new website.

Oh, by the way, did you notice anything different from the last blog post? Perhaps a redefined, dynamic, beautiful new layout with a fresh color palette?
Well, you’re not wrong. 😉

During the past few months, we’ve been carrying out hard cross-team work to create the brand-new Imagicle website you’re surfing on right now.
Aimed at simplifying navigation for customers and partners and to increase the number of useful information given while still getting to the point, the new Imagicle website contains everything you were used to, plus some exciting news on the side: 

Take a ride, you will see the difference!


Ok, guys. I’m done for today. I hope this overview has been useful in discovering a set of solutions that, both in their specificity and as a whole, result from a great commitment aimed at keeping up with the times and being able to meet the new changing needs of a radically different way to communicate.

All these outstanding news fully align with the Imagicle strategy and north star metric: constantly enrich and enlarge our product portfolio to be the reference UC apps partner for our customers and partners, able to cover their multiple needs and challenges and increase their competitiveness and differentiation.

This is what makes us exclusive and what has been the key to our success.
On top of this, we want to bring additional exclusive opportunities to our customers and partners: let them embrace the advantages of Cloud agility and innovations moving to the Cloud at their own pace.
We offer our thousands of On-Prem customers the possibility to migrate to the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite and Cloud Services, but also offer them to keep using the new Cloud Services with their existing on Prem UCX Suite if they are not ready for a full move to the Cloud yet.

Cloud-first but not Cloud only, since our priority is to provide the UC products and services the customers need in the way they want to consume them: that’s our commitment.

And our commitment is also bringing new innovative cognitive services to address the strong demand for customer service automation via the multiple channels we can see on the market. Self-service chatbot and voice bot to elevate the customer service to a more efficient, effective, competitive, and less expensive service; leveraging AI to improve the bot knowledge and the content of human conversations to fill such intelligence, with the end-to-end Imagicle experience ready to exceed the customer expectation.

But that’s the near future. Meanwhile… stay tuned and stay Imagicle!

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