27 May, 2021

Zucchetti invests in Imagicle to boost its growth and expand its offer.

Imagicle, a globally recognized leader in the Unified Communications field, announces that Zucchetti Group has chosen to support the company’s international development and product innovation plans. Zucchetti Group is the primary Italian group in enterprise SW solutions, with over 700,000 business customers worldwide that generated €1 billion in revenues in 2020.

This is a time of major changes for companies around the world. Enterprises are facing the need for a radical digital transformation of their communications: from the use of multiple channels (chat-voice-video) and the integration of collaboration tools and business processes to the transition to the Cloud and the use of Artificial Intelligence to ensure a top-notch experience for customers, partners, and colleagues.

With its Imagicle UCX Suite, natively integrated with modern communication platforms and chosen by thousands of enterprises worldwide as a service (directly from the Imagicle Cloud or activated in the customer’s data center), Imagicle aims to be an enabler for medium and large organizations to complete this transformation process and make it faster, smarter, and easier.

Imagicle“Over the past two years, we have invested so much in creating a platform of services that can be consumed directly from the Cloud worldwide, with a special attention to the issues of security of solutions and processes (ISO 27001 certified), connectivity, and performance to enable smart working and Artificial Intelligence services such as Voice Analytics, which we will release in beta version in the coming weeks. Today, with the support of the largest Italian company for enterprise software ,” says Christian Bongiovanni, Co-CEO and CTO of Imagicle,”we will expand our potential thanks to the synergies with the companies of the group, which will allow us to innovate our solutions through omni-channel services for business communications and customer experience, with the use of innovative ways that make intensive use of AI, such as Virtual Assistants and conversational Voicebot.” 

This partnership between Zucchetti and Imagicle aims to speed up the innovation process of medium and large enterprises. It will expand all the crucial skills gained internally over time and create a strategy to deliver innovative services.


“We were really impressed with Imagicle’s level of maturity,” says Patrizio Bof, member of the Zucchetti steering committee and president of PAT, a company of the group.
“In Imagicle, we found a team with which we share our values, prepared to answer to the demands of the market of Collaboration and Customer Experience. We believe that these skills can be further extended by what’s already present within the group, starting from the internal AI Lab and the partnership with PAT, a company of the group which has been working for years in the field of omnichannel and self-service services (chatbot, voicebot), once again anticipating the trends and the needs of a market which is not only Italian, but international, and in line with many of the latest operations followed by the Zucchetti Group”.

Zucchetti’s input will allow Imagicle to give an even stronger upsurge to its ongoing growth by supporting its international expansion strategy, mainly in Europe, Middle East, and North America, also thanks to the shift towards a SaaS and subscription model that will allow customers to access Imagicle solutions more easily.


“As a new chapter of the Imagicle story is about to start” adds Massimo Di Puccio, co- CEO and Imagicle Chief Marketing & Sales Officer “we would like to thank our entire team, our customers and all our partners for their constant support and dedication to making Imagicle a success story. While approaching this new, important phase of growth, in fact, we are even happier and more excited to continue our journey with them. Now more than ever we areconfident, aswe often say, that the best is yet to come!”.


Operations were assisted by the mid-market M&A team at UBS and the law firm Gattai, Minoli, Agostonelli & Partners.



Zucchetti invests in Imagicle to boost its growth and expand its offer.

Leading company in the UC apps market since 2010, Imagicle develops applications and services to help companies streamline communications on-prem, hosted, or in the Cloud, counting on three Italian offices and fully-owned subsidiaries in Miami, Dubai, and Riyadh. With more than 300 Partners and Service Providers and thousands of customers in more than 150 countries, the company serves enterprises, banks, educational institutions, public administrations, hospitals, and prestigious hotels worldwide, offering the highest flexibility and scalability through perpetual licenses or subscriptions. Customer Service, Call Recording, Call Analytics, Contact Manager, Digital Fax and Hotel Services: made by a happy team of more than 100 people and available with a 7-language support service rated 9.8 and advanced services to assist with configuration and integrations.

Bernardo Federigi | Marketing Communications Manager | E-mail bernardo.federigi@imagicle.com

Zucchetti invests in Imagicle to boost its growth and expand its offer.

With €1 billion in revenues in 2020 and more than 700,000 customers, Zucchetti is the primary software company in Italy.
The group employs more than 7,000 people and 1,500 of them are exclusively dedicated to research and development activities. Zucchetti’s offer consists of over 1,700 solutions including software, hardware, and innovative services designed to meet the specific needs of companies of all sectors and sizes and professionals. In particular, Zucchetti is a leading provider of accounting and tax solutions, ERP and personnel management solutions (HR and Welfare, Workforce Management, Travel&Fleet, Safety&Security); document management and electronic invoicing, Business Intelligence, CRM and e-commerce, workplace safety and access control systems, applications for vertical markets (retail, large-scale retail trade, hospitality and healthcare). Zucchetti is also a provider of time stamp and digital signature services for the validation of electronic documents and is an AgID Accredited Registrar.
The group relies on over 2,000 partners for the marketing of products, pre- and post-sales services, training and updates, 350 of which operate abroad in more than 50 countries.

Andrea Nempi | Marketing Manager
E-mail andrea.nempi@zucchetti.it

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