Server and clients for Imagicle UCX Suite

Identify the server required based on  the number of applications to run on the same server and on the size of your apps. Apps are classified for that scope on the basis of the size they’re usually proposed to different type of Customers: Small businesses, Medium businesses and Large Enterprises.

Apps running on the same server by customer typeSmall businessMedium businessEnterprise
Up to 3 appsAX ServerAX ServerBX Server
Up to 5 appsAX ServerBX ServerCX Server
Up to 7 appsBX ServerCX ServerDX Server
Up to 9 appsCX ServerCX Servermultiple servers are required, contact us for a project
Up to 11 appsCX ServerDX Servermultiple servers are required, contact us for a project

Server type or virtual machine

CPU*RAMOperating system
Class AXDual Core i3-2130 or higher / 2 dedicated vCPU (4 vCPU with Hyper-T) with 2.5Ghz reservation6 GBMS Windows Server 2022-2019-2016-2012 Standard/Data Center/Essentials
Class BXQuad Core E3-1230 or higher / 4 dedicated vCPU (8 vCPU with Hyper-T) with 4.8Ghz reservation8 GBMS Windows Server 2022-2019-2016-2012 Standard/Data Center/Essentials
Class CXSix Core E5-2620 or higher / 6 dedicated vCPU (12 vCPU with Hyper-T) with 6.9Ghz reservation12 GBMS Windows Server 2022-2019-2016-2012 Standard/Data Center/Essentials
Class DXDual Quad Core E5-2620 or higher / 8 dedicated vCPU (16 vCPU with Hyper-T) with 8.9Ghz reservation16 GBMS Windows Server 2022-2019-2016-2012 Standard/Data Center/Essentials
Class EX10 core E5-4627V4 or higher / 10 dedicated vCPU (20 vCPU with Hyper-T) with 12 Ghz reservation16 GBMS Windows Server 2022-2019-2016-2012 Standard/Data Center/Essentials

* Check if your CPU meets the minimum system requirements here: Host must Not have oversubscription of resources to grant the right performances to the Imagicle virtual machine. If hyperthreading is enabled it is necessary to assign twice the above vCPU required. On Windows 2016 OS, Cisco TSP client (TAPI) is supported only for CUCM version >= 11.5. If you are going to use earlier versions, Imagicle has a workaround for that. Installation of Windows updates is highly suggested by Imagicle and could be requested by our support in case of issues attributable to a not updated Windows Server installation. Imagicle is not responsible for OS updates, this means that you need to supervise the update procedure in order to avoid server reboots out of maintenance windows. Spring 2019 release is the last compatible version for new installation on Windows Server 2008/2008 R2.
For more info regarding Windows OS for the Imagicle UCX Suite please visit this page.

App classification per Customer Type

App classificationsSmall businessMedium businessEnterprise
Call Analytics extensions<=120>120-1000>1000-25000
Budget Control extensions<=120>120-1000>1000-25000
Phone Lock users<=120>120-1000>1000-25000
Digital Fax channels<=4>4-20>20-905
Contact Manager users<=120>120-1000>1000-25000
Advanced Queueing – Auto-Attendant<=30>30-60>60-400
CTI – Attendant Console users1<=10>10-30>30-100
CTI – Desktop users1<=25>25-100>100-500
Voice Mail & UM channels<=4>4-48
Call recording channels/agents2<=4>4-20>20-5003
Hotel Services users4<=120>120-1000>1000-25000

If you have selected applications from different groups (e.g. two Small and one Medium), you should consider all of them in the highest group of the server requirements with a weight of 0.5 per each Small App and of 0.75 per each Medium App (in the example you should consider them as 2 Medium apps).

1. CTI applications for Attendant Console and Desktop users should be considered as a single app for server requirements.
2. Imagicle Call Recording should be considered as 3 apps for server requirements.
3. Between 45-200 channels a BX Server is required, up to 300 channels a CX Server is required, up to 400 channels a DX server is required and up to 500 channels an EX Server is required. Over than 500 channels multiple servers are required in active-active mode.
4. Hotel Services for Cisco UC should be considered as four apps for server requirements.
5. More than 50 channels, BX server is the minimum requirement

Imagicle Manager Assistant Requirements

Number of users1 to 150150 to 500500 to 1500>1500
Resources– 2 vCPU
– RAM: 8 GB
– Hard Disk: 100 GB
– 2 vCPU
– RAM: 10 GB
– Hard Disk: 200 GB
– 4 vCPU
– RAM: 16 GB
– Hard Disk: 200 GB
– Custom
– Custom
– Custom
VM sizingIMA AXIMA BXIMA CXOn demand

ESX Version 6.7 and above supported

Ubuntu LTS 20.04.02 and docker version 20.10 included in provided ISO file

Virtualization requirements

Our applications are ready to run on any virtualization environment as VMware, Microsoft, etc.

If you install Imagicle applications on a Virtual Machine, you must allocate the amount of RAM, CPU power and disk space stated in the server table. The virtual hardware resources must be reserved, that is, they must not be shared with other virtual machines. No limit must be set for CPU utilization.

Data storage requirements

Server and clients for Imagicle UCX Suite

Imagicle UCX Suite installation package and Imagicle Virtual Appliance includes a Microsoft® SQL Server® 2017 Express Edition instance, offering top security, improved performance and 10 GB database. While updating an existing UCX Suite installation to latest version, you’ll be prompted to upgrade MS-SQL version too, in a transparent way for system administrator.

All Imagicle apps leverage SQL Server database to store configurations and index data. You can choose embedded SQL 2017 Express Edition or you can create Imagicle DB in your own existing MS-SQL Server Standard/Enterprise Edition ver. 2008 or later, with the following storage considerations:

  • Call Analytics – requires 820 MB per million calls to keep online for reporting
  • Digital Fax – requires 1 GB per million of faxes sent/received to keep online for retrieval.
    The fax attachment is stored on the file system (not in the DB) and requires an average of 100 KB each one (100 GB of disk space per million of faxes)
  • Contact Manager – 3 KB per each contact in the directories (600 MB per 200,000 contacts)
  • Advanced Queueing – requires 1.5 GB per million of calls treated and agent detail records
  • CTI – Attendant Console – requires 0.5 GB per million of calls kept for the clients registry.
  • SSAM – no DB usage. The messages are stored on the file system, with an average of 3 MB for each recorded message
  • Call recording requires 1.4 GB DB space per million calls for metadata. Recordings are saved on the server filesystem. About 300KB of disk space for each recording minute is required on the Imagicle server disk. Having 500GB hard disk, it is possible to store up to 300,000 call recordings, 5 minutes each, which corresponds to 1 year «always on» recordings for 20 agents. It is possible to export recording to external Network File System for longer retention.

Users and other apps require a very small amount of space in the DB, negligible for the DB and Hard Drive storage calculation. From Imagicle release 2019.Summer.1, we embed MS SQL Server 2017 Express Edition, which is not supported on Windows Server 2008 OS.If you need more than 10GB online data (Large business scenario), a Microsoft® SQL Server commercial license (ver. 2008 or later) shall be used (not included in UCX Suite).
For Microsoft SQL license considerations, you will need as many CALs as the number of users accessing the Imagicle applications or the core/processor license that includes unlimited CALs. The applications can be installed on the same server running Microsoft SQL Server or on a different machine (a dedicated machine is not required).

Client – hardware and software requirements

Server and clients for Imagicle UCX Suite

Attendant Console, CTI
Attendant Console client versions equal or newer than Summer 2020 require Imagicle UCX Suite release greater than 2018.Spring.1.
CPU dual-core or higher, 4GB RAM,
OS MS Windows 7/8/10/11 32-64 bit, macOS ver. 10.13.6 (High Sierra) up to 11.3 (Big Sur). 32 or 64bit (valid only for Cisco UC and CrossPlatform Suites)
19” Monitor, 1280 x 1024 or above.

Attendant Console is supported by Imagicle on the following editions of Windows 10: Pro, Education and Enterprise.

Attendant Console is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including Current Branch and Current Branch for Business.
Citrix XenApp/Desktop and Microsoft Terminal Services virtualization environments are supported.

Mail – Mail2Fax
any e-mail client

Desktop browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Chrome (latest version) recommended
  • Edge (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)

Server and clients for Imagicle UCX Suite
IP Phones

Phone Lock
Cisco 6921 – 6941 – 6945 – 6961 – – 7800 series – 8941 (SCCP) – 8945 (SCCP) – 8961 – 9951 – 9971 
no visual indication of phone status.
In this case, you may divert an outgoing call attempt to a number that will return an unauthorized call message, for instance through: Imagicle SSAM, Imagicle Auto Attendant, Imagicle Advanced Queueing, Third party voice mail systems

Cisco 7911 – 7912 (SCCP) – 7920 – 7922 – 7931  – 7940 – 7942 – 7945 – 7960 – 7962 – 7965 – 7970 – 7975 – 8800 series
models which support visual indication of phone locking status.
Phone locking is also available for all the other IP phones CTI managed.

Contact Manager
Cisco 6921 – 6941 – 6945 – 6961
7800 series
7911 – 7912 – 7921 – 7922 – 7925g – 7931 – 7941 – 7942 – 7945 – 7961 – 7962 – 7965 – 7970 – 7975 (also old 7906, 7940, 7960)
8800 series
8941 – 8945 – 8961
9951 – 9971
DX650 – DX80 – DX70 

Call Recording

  • Cisco 6911, 6921, 6941, 6945, 6961
  • Cisco 7800 series
  • Cisco 7906, 7911, 7921, 7925, 7926, 7931, 7937, 7941, 7942, 7945, 7961, 7962, 7965, 7970, 7975
  • Cisco 8800 series
  • Cisco 8900 series
  • Cisco 9900 series
  • Cisco IP Communicator
  • Cisco Jabber Desktop/Mobile
  • Cisco Webex Desktop
  • Cisco DX650, DX70, DX80 

All above on-net or connected via MRA.

Please check full list of supported devices on Cisco Device Matrix here.

Hotel Services
From the affordable 3900 series to the high-end 9900 or the new DX series. But if you need to keep your analog phones, you can do that, too.

Server and clients for Imagicle UCX Suite
Mobile devices

Imagicle Supervisor

Imagicle Fax – Imagicle Contacts
iPhone/iPad and Android devices

Mail – Mail2Fax
any e-mail client

Mobile browsers

  • Safari (latest version)
  • Chrome (latest version) recommended

Extra savings with Imagicle Apps on the same Cisco UCS server

Now you can run the Imagicle UCX Suite on the same Cisco UC on UCS server! Your preferred Imagicle solutions, can now be co-resident with the Cisco Unified Communications virtual machines on the Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS), providing cost saving and even more integration with Cisco. Discover more here.