Co-residency on Cisco UCS for Imagicle UCX Suite.

Extra savings with full co-residency on the same Cisco UCS

It is possible to run the Imagicle UCX Suite on the same Cisco UC on UCS server.
Your preferred Imagicle solutions, can be co-resident with the Cisco Unified Communications virtual machines on the Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS), providing cost saving and even more integration with Cisco.
The Imagicle UCX Suite can run on UCS B and C series where Cisco UCM runs, with the following basic requirements:

  • install on virtual machines without HW oversubscription (1vCPU needed maps to 1 physical CPU core)
  • use of VMware vSphere virtualization software (usage of Cisco UC Virtualization is possibile only with BE6000/BE7000)
  • use of Cisco UCM 8.6(2) and later, Unity Connection8.6(2) and later, Presence 8.6(2) and later, Contact Center Express 8.5 and later

Identify the server required on the basis of the number of applications to run on the same server and on the size of your apps. Apps are classified for that scope on the basis as the size they’re usually proposed to different type of Customers: Small businesses, Medium businesses and Large Enterprises.

You can find out more regarding the Cisco Virtualization software requirements here.


  • UCS C200 M2 used for a fixed UCM Business Edition 6000 configuration does NOT support coresidency.
  • UCS C210 M1 TRC1 (low profile hardware configuration) cannot run more than the single Cisco UCM virtual machine (no coresidency).


Refer to this document to identify if the specific Cisco UC app that you are planning to run on the UCS server does support FULL coresidency.

Example: As of June 2012, Cisco Emergency Responder and Cisco Unified Attendant Console (Business, Department or Enterprise) can’t be co-resident with any third party virtual machine, so they limit the UCS server to only be used for Cisco UC apps. Consider using Attendant Console Enterprise or Professional in your projects, for reaching extra savings optimizing UCS investments and offering a better service to your customers.


To identify how many resources are needed on the UCS server to run the Imagicle UCX Suite applications:

  1. refer to the “requirements” section of any app to identify the class of Server needed to run the combination of the applications needed
  2. maps the Imagicle class of server requirements to virtual requirements on UCS as follow:
    • Server AX maps to 2vCPU, 6GB RAM, 80GB*
    • Server BX maps to: 4vCPU, 8GB RAM, 80GB*
    • Server CX maps to: 6vCPU, 12GB RAM, 120GB*
    • Server DX maps to: 8vCPU, 16GB RAM, 120GB*

* Hard Disk requirements are specific for applications deployment plus the included Microsoft SLQ Server 2017 Express Edition database only. Should you require a larger database for CDR analysis, faxes or directories, you have to consider additional storage resources.

Imagicle is officially supported by Cisco to run on Cisco UC Virtualization Foundation VMware hypervisor

The Cisco UC Virtualization Foundation OEM option is only sold and supported as an add-on SKU for use with Business Edition 6000 and 7000, Packaged Collaboration Solution and UC on UCS.

It is not available or transferable for use with non-UCS hardware or non-UC software.

Physical server Hardware restricted to 2-socket Cisco UCS models. Licenses cannot be split for 1-socket servers or combined for 4-socket servers.

Max vCPU per VM is 8.

Supports connection to VMware vCenter management (vCenter software must be purchased separately). Does not enable any other advanced features (such as VMware High Availability, Data Recovery, vMotion, Distributed Switch, etc.).

The only applications that may be hosted on this OEM are those that meet the requirements of the Cisco Business Edition 6000/7000 Co-residency Policy Document available at:   
i.e. Cisco Collaboration apps and 3rd-party apps in Collaboration category of Solutions Plus or Cisco Developer Network, with a maximum count of 3rd-party VMs.