Imagicle Virtual Appliance for Imagicle UCX Suite

It runs in 30-day evaluation mode (180 days for the OS) and can be also activated for production use by purchasing the Windows Server license and the Imagicle applications needed.

The Imagicle Virtual Appliance is a fully functional and ready VMware OVA including Windows Server 2016 Standard OS and Imagicle UCX Suite.


Imagicle Virtual Appliance for Imagicle UCX Suite

A virtual appliance extends the concept of a hardware appliance by offering the same benefits in a far more dynamic, scalable, and flexible way. Virtual appliances eliminate the need for custom or third-party physical hardware and enable solutions to be run on a virtualization platform.

Virtual appliances transform software delivery by making it simpler and less costly to develop, distribute, deploy and manage preconfigured solutions that can run in virtual environments:

  • Reduce development, distribution and deployment costs for software deployments.
  • Accelerate software sales cycles and expand customer reach.

Delivering software as a virtual appliance has numerous business and technical benefits, the end result of which is higher conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, and increased renewals. Virtual appliances let software developers address new customer segments, expand distribution channels, and provide easy-to-use evaluation and proof-of-concept editions. 

Because virtual appliances are packaged as simple files, customers can download the file and then click ‘power on’ to get a demonstration, evaluation, or fully licensed application up and running immediately with no need for an onsite Sales Engineer.

Imagicle Virtual Appliance for Imagicle UCX Suite

Get started


The Imagicle Virtual Appliance requires one of the following VMware virtualization environments for deployment:

  • ESX/ESXi 5.x / 6.x / 7.x with vCenter 5.x / 6.x / 7.x (recommended)

The Imagicle Virtual Appliance OVA file includes Windows Server 2012/2016/2019 Standard OS and the Imagicle UCX Suite in 30-day evaluation mode (180 days for the OS), with hardware preset you can choose based on the size of deployment, starting from 2vCPU, 6GB RAM, 80GB vDisk.

Just download the Imagicle Virtual Appliance on the Imagicle download tab to deploy on one of the above-mentioned supported VMware platforms.


The Imagicle Virtual Appliance runs in 30-day evaluation mode (180 days for the OS) and can be activated for production use by purchasing the Windows Server license and Imagicle applications.

To activate the virtual appliance for production use:

  • Contact Imagicle Sales for licenses to the Imagicle UCX Suite
  • See Imagicle recommendations on how to get the most suitable Windows Server OS license

Imagicle VAI credentials to access the Windows OS server are Administrator/ImagicleVAI.

Admin credentials to access the Imagicle UCX Suite web portal are admin/admin.

Technical Documentation

See the Imagicle system guide for detailed configuration steps for your Cisco Unified Communications environment here.

For assistance with proof of concept, contact Imagicle Sales.