Imagicle UCX Engage Virtual.

Start your digital transformation, with self-service natural interactions, across digital and voice channels.


A seamless way to implement CX and EX automation across your engagement platforms. This ensures consistent and tailored self-service experiences for customers, while also enhancing contact center operations.


Automate conversations with customers in natural, human-like way to answer questions and resolve common issues over chat, SMS, email, and voice.


It goes beyond providing info by delivering solutions. It can schedule a flight, modify a medical appointment, or even sell a product directly through the chat or by phone.

Integrated with the solutions you love.

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Digital Virtual Agent

Digital Virtual Agent

Digital chatbots to automate conversations through digital, social channels with AI superpower.
  • Digital chat bots in 6 languages
  • LLM and Generative AI Models
  • Digital channels: Web, Email, SMS.
  • Social channels: WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram.
  • CRM, DB integrations
  • 50 KB contents
  • 4,000 conversations
  • Imagicle support
Voice Virtual Agent

Voice Virtual Agent

Voice bot to handle self-service conversations, fully integrated with your calling platform.
  • Voice bots in 6 languages
  • LLM and Generative AI Models
  • Neural voices selection
  • CRM, DB integrations
  • Up to 10 concurrent calls
  • 50 KB contents
  • 4,000 minutes
  • Imagicle support

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