Track all your Webex Calling calls.

Fully integrated with Webex Calling Multi-Tenant and Dedicated Instance, Call Analytics enhances the native control Hub built-in reporting tool with more than 50 reports on telephone traffic and costs.

Extend your Control Hub built-in reporting tool.

Full Cisco compatibility.

Call Analytics integrates not only with Webex Calling, but also with other Cisco platforms, even in hybrid environments and regardless of your PSTN, facilitating migrations and supporting your call reporting needs every step of the way.

+50 ready-to-use, customizable and schedulable reports.

Real-time reports for all calls covering all about telephone traffic and costs, with multi-level aggregation, advanced filters, and more. Directly accessible from your UCX Suite web portal and immediately schedulable via email.

Monitor Hunt Group performances.

Monitor Cisco Hunt Groups and agents' KPIs, such as the number of handled, missed and answered calls, average waiting time and duration, and total duration.

Designed for supervisors.

Supervisors can set up a dashboard with fully customizable content, type, and number of reports, schedule alarms for specific events like calls outside working hours, delegate reports, and more.

Interpreted and easy to read data.

You don’t need to be a data analyst to interpret call data: all raw CDRs are translated into a simple, easy to read form, with data retention policy configurable for up to 5 years.

Data Access: you decide!

Multi-level access to data reports according to users’ role: administrator, standard user, supervisor. You decide who can access what!

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