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Unveiling the Future: Imagicle and Cisco’s Innovations at WebexOne 2023

Excitement is in the air as Imagicle gears up for the long-awaited WebexOne 2023, happening Oct. 24-26. During this blended event, with both virtual and live presence, Cisco will showcase the best in communication technology, integrations, and much-anticipated product news.

Here at Imagicle, we’re very thrilled to present our amazing Imagicle UCX Suite for Webex Calling with must-have UC applications for business operation and growth. 

This all-in-one UCX Suite seamlessly integrates with Webex Calling Multi-Tenant and Dedicated Instance, taking its features to the next level and making cloud calling even more efficient and user-friendly. 

WebexOne 2023 participants, whether attending in person at the Marriott Anaheim or virtually, can chat with Imagicle experts to discover how the Imagicle UCX Suite can address their business challenges, see live product demos, and get exclusive insights into upcoming roadmaps.

Embrace the Future of Cloud Communications with Imagicle’s UCX Suite.

For the past two years, we’ve been partnering with Cisco Webex teams to bring out the best of integrations and user and admin experience for customers using or migrating to Webex Calling. 

Unveiling the Future: Imagicle and Cisco's Innovations at WebexOne 2023
  • Imagicle Call Recording captures every Webex Calling conversation, providing a valuable resource for compliancereferencing, and conflict resolution. Accessible directly from the Webex App, this is the only solution out there complete with both Screen Recording and AI-based Voice Analytics, taking compliance recording to the next level with in-depth interaction analysis.
  • Imagicle Digital Fax is a fully Cloud-based fax solution providing inbound and outbound digital fax capabilities to all users, accessible anywhere, any time directly from the Webex App. Imagicle is the only vendor available for Webex Calling, offering a virtual fax through a simple and green solution.
  • The Imagicle Attendant Console offers efficient management of calls, queues, and auto attendants, even in hybrid calling environments. With Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant services, it seamlessly integrates with Webex Calling, providing a comprehensive customer service solution working with the Webex App.
  • Imagicle Call Analytics enhances call performance monitoring with 50+ ready-to-use reports with multi-level aggregation and filters, giving insights on telephone traffic, costs, and customer service across hunt groups, call queues, and auto attendants. 

As I write this post, it’s hard to refrain from telling you about fantastic product news involving Imagicle that will be made public at WebexOne. You’ll have to wait for now, but be sure to stay connected to find out what it is!

Features details making the difference.

When talking about Imagicle for Webex Calling, it’s important to remember that the product line is supported by feature details that help make it stand out from any competition.

  • Access and management are made seamless with Imagicle. The Webex App ensures easy access to all integrations with the Imagicle UCX Suite, allowing users to easily start, stop, and browse recordings, send, receive, and check faxes, and more from the same tool people use daily. 
  • On the other hand, the easy set-up and management from the Control Hub provide effortless administration of multiple functions of the Imagicle UCX Suite from a single pane of glass. 
  • Imagicle not only supports Webex Calling Multi-Tenant – something that makes it exclusive on its own – but all Cisco Calling platforms, including Webex Calling Dedicated Instance, UCM/BE, HCS, and even Microsoft Teams. Whether you are running on a hybrid calling environment where On-Prem and Cloud infrastructures co-exist or planning a full Cloud Migration, the Imagicle UCX Suite will always ensure a smooth operation.
  • All Imagicle solutions comply with worldwide security regulations such as ISO27001GDPRHIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Supporting your Webex Calling in every field.

Last but not least, Imagicle solutions are adaptable to all verticals. From supporting the Student, Local, and Education Departments (SLED), including K-12, to facilitating healthcare services (take a look at our Digital Fax for Epic integration), we cater to the needs of a wide range of sectors. Financial institutions and enterprises can also benefit from our offerings.

This is just a taste of what you’ll discover at WebexOne. Stay tuned for more updates, or book a free discovery call before the event if you’re impatient to delve deeper.

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