Capture all your Webex Calling conversations.

Manage 100% voice recording inside the Webex Control Hub, allowing a quick and easy configuration. Directly on your Webex App, both for Multi-Tenant and Dedicated.

Record Webex calls securely and reliably, anytime and anywhere.

Capture your Webex Calling conversations.

Call Recording, 100% Cloud, records on Webex Calling Desk Phones, Webex App and Webex Go, supporting internal and external calls in Always On and On Demand modes with Pause/Resume.

Compliance recording and quality assurance.

Capture conversations securely to protect data and meet security regulations such as GDPR, MiFID II, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.

Natively integrated with Webex Calling.

Configure Call Recording directly on Control Hub in any Webex Calling region, for a seamless and frictionless configuration and UX.

Coaching and training. Realize value from your interactions.

Leverage prerecorded calls in training and coaching process as an effective way to train agents and elevate customer experience.

Better with Voice Analytics and Screen Recording.

Get detailed reports across your organization. Plus, get an extensive and complete analysis of what happened during calls thanks to Voice Analytics and Screen Recording functionalities and make data-driven decisions.

Seamless access to recordings from your Webex App.

Access recordings from the web portal and directly on the Webex App through the exclusive gadget.

We love answering your questions.

It will available to everyone in Winter 2022, but you can try it in advance, for free, now.

Absolutely! It’s 100% compliant with GDPR (and other) privacy regulations thanks to audit trail, role-based access, configurable data retention, and more.

Yes. Supervisors can set notifications options and reports to always be aware of who’s recording which call and in which mode.

Yes. To have a complete monitoring of calls, both live and after the call has ended, you can integrate the Attendant Console to leverage our Silent Monitoring and Whisper Coaching options.

If you choose Cloud Call Recording, you will have unlimited, encrypted, hyper-secure storage.

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