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Spring Release 2023: a breath of fresh news for your favorite Calling Platforms.

Imagicle Spring Release 2023 of the Imagicle UCX Suite is available as of April 2023, bringing exciting news and integrations for your favorite calling platforms. Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and discover the 4 main ones in this article.

This Spring Release is all about integrations: the magic happened around improving the user experience on your calling platforms and your favorite Attendant Console.

  • New omnichannel capabilities for Attendant Console. The Imagicle operator console solution that simplifies and improves handling incoming and outgoing calls for all operators is now enriched with a chat! Thanks to the integration with Conversational AI, you can call and chat with customers from the same agent app.
  • Two new native integrations for Webex Calling Multi-Tenant: Call Recording and Call Analytics, bringing compliance recording and telephone traffic & costs reports to users worldwide.
  • Important improvements to Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams: two models to fit any customer needs, with no limitations.

Let’s discover them one by one!

Conversational AI brings omnichannel capabilites to your Attendant Console and Operator Essentials.

We used to offer a powerful, flexible, and smart customer service solution made of Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant to welcome and manage incoming customer calls on one side and the Attendant Console (or Operator Essentials) to let the operator manages calls at the speed of light on the other side. 

So, until today, Imagicle Customer Service has been a great solution to implement customer service for voice calls. Only.

But as of Spring’23, there’s an addition to voice. Now operators can also serve customers through chat, regardless of where messages are coming from: website, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, and more!

All this happens within a single application. The same agent app operators are already used to for handling voice calls. A seamless integration allowing you to do everything you need behind a single pane of glass, in true Imagicle style.

And all this is possible thanks to the power delivered by the new Conversational AI platform we’ve launched in 2022.

You may be wondering: what do I need to do to unlock all this power?

Well, it’s super easy! You just need to upgrade your UCX Suite to Spring’23, and you will be able to request omnichannel capabilities for your existing customer service solution.

Moreover, if you’re just curious, you can even try it out effortlessly: just update the Attendant Console client, and you will find a new tab allowing you to request the trial.

I’m tempted to tell you lots of other benefits you can subsequently unlock, like empowering your customer service with the artificial intelligence delivered by Imagicle Conversation AI through chatbots and voicebots… but I don’t want to spoil too much: stay tuned for a dedicated blog post coming soon.

Imagicle UCX Suite and Webex Calling: the perfect match.

After the native integrations between the Attendant Console and Digital Fax we’ve launched for Webex Calling Multi-Tenant, Spring’23 brings two new amazing native integrations:

  • Call Recording: finally, you can choose your favorite Cloud App from Control Hub! This new integration allows customers to capture all internal and external Webex Calling conversations in Always On and On Demand modes, with Pause/Resume, protecting data and meeting security regulations such as GDPR, MiFID II, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA. Plus, they get an extensive analysis of what happened during calls thanks to the Voice Analytics and Screen Recording add-ons. Configurable directly from Control Hub, it adds value for Webex Calling users worldwide, who can now leverage an easy-to-use Call Recording solution to stay compliant and boost customer service directly from the trusted platform they use everyday. Why not try it?
  • Call Analytics: the app we’ve designed to analyze the telephone traffic, as well as monitor and control telephone expense, is now compatible with Webex Calling Multi-Tenant, offering 50+ reports to stay on track of Webex Calling telephone traffic and costs, even analyzing the performances of Hunt Groups, and completing the Imagicle UCX Suite’s compatibility with all Cisco platforms. 

These four apps were already previously available for Webex Calling Dedicated. Adding the compatibility for Multi-Tenant allowed us to complete a journey started a couple of years ago towards this goal: today, we can offer the complete compatibility of the Apps portfolio with all Cisco Calling Platforms, regardless of the PSTN access used by the customer

This is something exclusive in the market right now: thanks to the flexibility we can offer to address even mixed or hybrid environments, Imagicle UCX Suite is the perfect solution to support customers in their journey towards cloud calling.

Spring Release 2023: a breath of fresh news for your favorite Calling Platforms.

Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams.

Last Spring’23 news I’d like to share relates to the native integration of our Customer Service solution for Microsoft Teams.

By native integration, we mean that our architecture is based on the Microsoft Extend and Connect model, as it relies on both Direct Routing and Communications Graph API at the same time. This makes our Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant natively integrated into the Microsoft Teams architecture, regardless of the PSTN model used by the customer, either a local PSTN access through Direct Routing or a cloud PSTN like Operator Connect and Calling Plans.

We’ve been working closely with Microsoft for a long period to overcome some limitations affecting Teams Communication Graph API, which were preventing important use cases for our Attendant Console, such as the possibility to transfer calls to PSTN or to park and camp-on calls on our Advanced Queuing app. And at last, in Spring’23, those limitations are no more in place! 

So, to summarize, the Imagicle Attendant Console solution for Microsoft Teams lets operators choose between 2 alternative working modes:

  • Using a physical phone (selected models from Poly and Yealink) to manage calls, which offers a complete and faster telephony experience; 
  • Using the MS Teams client to manage calls, a software-only solution suitable for hybrid workplaces and smart working.

And as of Spring’23, they both offer all the key telephony features an operator needs to manage incoming calls easily and smartly on Microsoft Teams, too.

Spring Release 2023: a breath of fresh news for your favorite Calling Platforms.

The Imagicle Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams is currently available in Controlled Release. Why don’t you ask for a free trial to test its potential?


The amazing integrations of Spring Release 2023 are already making a lot of noise between existing and new Imagicle customers. If you’re curious to try them, feel free to get in touch!

And don’t forget to stay tuned, as the hot winds of Summer are just around the corner…

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