Imagicle UCX Suite for Contact Centers

Discover the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite for Contact Centers, how it can be integrated within your calling platform to supercharge Customer and Employee experience, as well as with your existing Contact Center solution to add key UC features.

SUPERCHARGE CX & EX on your calling platform.

Easily blend CC features into your calling platform, with no need for a separate contact center solution.

Give your users an upgraded experience by offering them dedicated workspaces, smart tools, and digital services, all right at their fingertips alongside virtual agents. All effortlessly managed through a user-friendly admin interface.

ENERGIZE your existing Contact Center solution.

Enhance your CC by adding essential features that improve customer and agent experience.

Unlock the full potential of your contact center, enabling you to offer top-notch services, automation, and self-service options.

What does Imagicle bring?

Improve user and customer experience.

Provide agents with digital, integrated, advanced workspaces able to handle multichannel communications from a single platform, delighting customers with multiple ways to reach your company.


Attendant Console - Centralino Telefonico

Agent Workspace

Attendant Console - Centralino Telefonico

Attendant Workspace

Supervisor Workspace

Let customers solve issues on their own.

Today, customers want to solve issues on their own. Automate conversations and make them available 24/7, everyday of the year, with virtual agents and Conversational IVR able to handle routine questions.

Virtual Agents



Conversational IVR

Be compliant and ready to analyze.

Record calls for compliance directly from your calling platform, with core features such as file encryption, pause/resume, screen blanking for screen recording, and more.

Compliance Call Recording

Screen Recording

Feed your conversations to AI and improve customer retention.

Let the voice of customers guide you through a better strategy and increased revenues. Leverage multilingual transcriptions, sentiment analysis, alarms, tags, and more to analyze agent and queue performance, script adherence, and more.

Agent & queue performances


Sentiment Analysis

For your Calling Platform.

Integrate the Imagicle UCX Suite with the platforms you use everyday.

For your existing contact center.

Empower your existing CC solution.
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