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Imagicle Conversational AI for Education. Happier students and less overworked staff.

Due to budget limitations and lack of training, educational institutions are often stuck with outdated processes and communications, resulting in student complaints and unhappy staff. Discover how Conversational AI can change this, making staff’s work faster and easier.

Education: tech challenges worldwide.

Imagicle Conversational AI for Education. Happier students and less overworked staff.

Those who work in a school, university, college, etc., know that the above questions are a huge part of the ordinary work day. Education staff is the reference point for logistics, appointments, payments, keeping students updated, and much more. And with restricted office opening times and a lot of students to handle, thing get hectic fast. 

On the other hand, with remote learning put into the equation and less face-to-face interactions, it’s easy for students to get lost in exam dates, payment deadlines, classroom locations, and more. And, of course, the nature of the fast-paces educational career they live demands for fast and precise answers to which staff often fails to answer for the aforementioned reasons.

Tu put icing on the cake, the tech infrastructure in educational facilities struggles to keep up with the current digital era. With schools, universities, and colleges being stuck with processes that heavily rely on paper and with no relevant automation, how is it possible to avoid student complaints and unhappy staff?

The answer is Imagicle Conversational AI.

Imagicle Conversational AI. Serve staff and students better with a bot for education.

Imagicle Conversational AI automates conversations through natural interactions and integrates chat and voice channels with virtual and human agents to improve customer and employee experience. 

Every request is managed by a virtual assistant via voicebot or chatbot in real time, through the students’ favorite channel, with the option of transferring to staff when needed. If you wish to learn more, you can read our Conversational AI blog post.

Imagicle Conversational AI for Education. Happier students and less overworked staff.

Applying all this to the Educational world means:

  • Bringing the number of student calls to be attendend by staff almost to zero, since Conversational AI is able to answer repetitive tasks via multiple channels.
  • Students don’t have to wait until the next day (or days) or an answer, because Conversational AI is up and running 24/7/365.
  • Answers will always be precise and prompt, eliminating the possibility of human error or talking to the wrong person for a particular issue.
  • Appointments with professors, exam reschedulings, etc. will always be booked at a mutually convenient time, with no fear of overlapping.

Let’s some of this use cases for Conversational AI for Education in more concrete terms.

Student services.

Imagicle Conversational AI allows to provide students with any information or service they need automatically, reducing complaints and delays. This includes:

  • New student orientation. All students will be automatically welcomed and oriented towards the next best steps.
  • Course availability and content. It will be clearer for students to understand where they have to be, at what time, and what are their goals for the semester.
  • Fees and tuition payment. An automatic way of reminding and collecting payments, eliminating delays.
  • And more!

Staff services.

Conversational AI eliminates the inconvenience of limited office hours and gives staff the possibility to focus on core tasks, with all the info they need always at hand, such as:

  • Curriculum requirements.
  • Teaching resources.
  • Employment benefits.
  • And more! Everything’s answered anytime through voice or chat.

Improve organization through self-service

Processes are made smoother and faster thanks to the Conversational AI bot. Program details and dates are automatically available 24/7 without mistakes, all appointments are scheduled at the best possible time, and more. No more printing paper and annotating things on a post-it note: everything is automated!

See it in action.

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A complete suite of apps. More than a simple platform.

Imagicle Conversational AI is just one of many apps inside the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite – the complete set of UC apps available behind a single pane of glass to simplify deployment, administration, and use; enriched with AI/ML and conversational experiences to keep up with the new, more digital world.

Imagicle Conversational AI for Education. Happier students and less overworked staff.

By pairing Conversational AI with the other apps in the Suite, educational facilities can reach a whole new level of automation, digital advancement, productivity, and overall happiness in their work. 

To give you some examples, Call Recording helps regulate disputes and retrieve information quickly and compliantly. Call Analytics allows for staying on track with the telephone budget by keeping track of it automatically across the organization, even in a hybrid work model. Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant allows more organized and professional management and routing of calls, and so on.

Discover Imagicle UCX Suite.

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Education needs a push to stay on top of digital changes and create smoother processes, so that students can be more motivated to study and do so happily, and staff can delegate repetitive tasks to a bot that works 24/7/365. One single tool to improve everyone’s life while staying on budget and getting priceless benefits.

Invest in the future of Education today. Get Conversational AI.

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