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    Voice bot per la creazione di un operatore telefonico virtuale
    Scopri come voicebot e chatbot possono aiutarti a soddisfare i bisogni dei clienti nel mercato odierno.
  • People Blog
    Why Should Your Business Switch to Virtual Fax Server?
    Why should your business invest in a virtual fax server? Discover now.
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    Imagicle Conversational AI for Education. Happier students and less overworked staff.
    Discover the benefits of Imagicle Conversational AI for the world of Education.
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    Imagicle Digital Fax is officially available inside the Webex Control Hub!
    Imagicle's is now the ONLY approved Digital Fax inside Webex Control Hub allowing a quick and easy configuration.
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    Imagicle applications for Microsoft Teams.
    Microsoft Teams: from calling platform to a 360-degree tool to handle your communications in the new digital era.
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    Conversational AI for Governments. Artificial Intelligence for happier citizens.
    Discover how Conversational AI can empower the PA and Governement machine to eliminate citizen complaints.
  • Products Blog
    Imagicle apps. Bringing value to your Webex Calling.
    Discover how Imagicle + Webex improve and streamline the experience of all users.
  • Products Blog
    Conversational AI for Healthcare. Transform and simplify patient experience.
    Discover how Conversational AI can relieve the stress of healthcare workers and give patients a better experience.
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    Brochure Blog
    Voice Analytics: from customers’ voice to business success.
    Discover how Voice Analytics technologies help your business grow through this in-depth brochure.
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    Imagicle webinars. All the knowledge you need at your fingertips.
    Discover how we use webinars to keep customers and partners informed, updated, and engaged.
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    Voice Analytics. Enriched with brand-new widgets and alarms.
    Our Voice Analytics is enriched with new, fantastic features for supervisors. Discover them all!
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    Cloud or Dedicated Cloud. What’s best?
    You're migrating to the Cloud and you need to choose between a public or private instance? This article will help you.
  • Products Blog
    Conversational AI. The future of customer service is here.
    Market trends, the value of voice, and use cases to unravel the power of Imagicle Conversational AI.
  • Event Blog
    Imagicle Virtual Event: takeaways and recaps from a journey to the Clouds.
    What was the first Imagicle Virtual Event all about? How can Imagicle help your business? You're in the right place.
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    Brochure Blog
    Turn your hybrid work into a happy place with Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite.
    Discover our Cloud proposition and why it’s a keypoint in building the ideal hybrid work environment for your business.
  • Products Blog
    Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite lands on Cisco GPL S+. An even easier purchase for customers.
    As of Feb 3, Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite will be officially available on Cisco GPL S+. Find out how this makes your life easier.
  • Release Blog
    Winter Release 2022. Secure, integrated, Cloudy new features.
    Winter Release 2022 is available!. As always, the innovations are many and merry: navigate through them here!
  • Products Blog
    Imagicle Attendant Console for Webex Calling: the operator console that was missing.
    Discover a new native integration. Attendant Console is fully compatible with all Cisco platforms!
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