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    Imagicle webinars. All the knowledge you need at your fingertips.
    Discover how we use webinars to keep customers and partners informed, updated, and engaged.
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    Voice Analytics. Enriched with brand-new widgets and alarms.
    Our Voice Analytics is enriched with new, fantastic features for supervisors. Discover them all!
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    Cloud or Dedicated Cloud. What’s best?
    You're migrating to the Cloud and you need to choose between a public or private instance? This article will help you.
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    Conversational AI. The future of customer service is here.
    Market trends, the value of voice, and use cases to unravel the power of Imagicle Conversational AI.
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    Imagicle Virtual Event: takeaways and recaps from a journey to the Clouds.
    What was the first Imagicle Virtual Event all about? How can Imagicle help your business? You're in the right place.
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    Turn your hybrid work into a happy place with Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite.
    Discover our Cloud proposition and why it’s a keypoint in building the ideal hybrid work environment for your business.
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    Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite lands on Cisco GPL S+. An even easier purchase for customers.
    As of Feb 3, Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite will be officially available on Cisco GPL S+. Find out how this makes your life easier.
  • Release Blog
    Winter Release 2022. Secure, integrated, Cloudy new features.
    Winter Release 2022 is available!. As always, the innovations are many and merry: navigate through them here!
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    Imagicle Attendant Console for Webex Calling: the operator console that was missing.
    Discover a new native integration. Attendant Console is fully compatible with all Cisco platforms!
  • Products Blog
    Voice Analytics: designed for your privacy and security.
    Voice Analytics handles a variety of sensitive, personal data. Learn why you can trust it to do so, any time, anywhere.
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    Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.
    Are in-person events still a thing? As we go back to normal after this intense week, it's time for keynotes & takeaways.
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    Voice Analytics: AI and use cases to elevate customer satisfaction.
    Introducing Voice Analytics, a cloud-native AI service unlocking the real power of the content of phone conversations.
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    International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle’s commitment.
    Find out how Imagicle can offer you access to information in total flexibility, mobility, and optimization of resources.
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    Imagicle Middle East. Talent at the service of customers.
    Discover how we tailor our products, services, and even mood to our Middle East partners and customers.
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    Why it’s Smart to work on the Imagicle Cloud.
    The Covid-19 paradigm shift. In March 2020, we all learned – the hard way, might I say – that we don’t need to be in the office to get things done. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the adoption of remote work on a wide scale, causing virtually the entire employee base of many companies to embrace an […]
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    Imagicle + Cisco UCM Cloud. Take your UCs to the cloud.
    Discover why Cisco UCM Cloud and our UCX Cloud Suite are the ideal duo for a smooth transition to the Cloud.
  • Products Blog
    Attendant Console: native integration with Cisco BroadWorks.
    Discover our native integration with the world's leading cloud business communication platform, Cisco BroadWorks.
  • Products Blog
    Why Imagicle Call Recording is the best replacement for your Cisco Mediasense.
    Cisco Mediasense is going into End of Support. The Imagicle Call Recording solution is ready to take over, keeping your existing recordings and adding many additional services.
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