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Imagicle Conversational AI: the future of retail is here.

Today, retail is 100% hybrid, with many stores offering both online and in-store shopping, and many existing only on the internet. Discover how Conversational AI can help you with chatbots and voicebots that redefine the shopping experience by automating conversations, elevating customer experience, and making staff's work faster and easier.

Retail challenges worldwide.

The idea of shopping as an enrichment experience is becoming increasingly popular. Whether online or offline, customers don’t just want to shop – they want to leave the store after with more insight and experience than before. In other words, today’s retail world is all about customization, connectivity, and being customer-centered, as the following trends confirm:

  • Tailored experiences. Shopping via social media platforms and chat has proven to be more popular among the youngest generation due to its entertaining nature. Moreover, modern algorithms show users highly personalized purchase suggestions, and according to Twilio, 60% of consumers are more likely to buy again after a customized experience.
  • Frictionless means good. Most complaints about stores involve waiting a long time in line, delayed or imprecise customer service support, or poor experience at checkout. Providing an easy and frictionless transaction is the #1 rule to a successful purchase and creating a returning customer. As already stated, your store presence should represent not only something useful, but also a delightful experience.
  • Meet the audience where it’s at. In 2023, customers can’t conceive a store that solely has an online or offline presence. A mix of both, paired with a presence on different channels, is necessary to keep the audience engaged.
  • Customers won’t settle for mediocre service. Zendesk states 61% of customers switch to competitors after a negative customer service experience, and 68% would rather spend more money on products and services if customer service is excellent, according to Hubspot.

Falling behind on these trends leads to abandoned carts, loss in revenue, and customer complaints. Luckily, by getting to know just one word, you can build a future-proof retail organization that can thrive even in a post-Covid world: multichannel. Providing users with a multichannel experience, i.e., the possibility to shop both online and offline through multiple channels (social media, SMS, chat, WhatsApp, and so on), is the key to keeping customers happy and making them come back to your store in an era where retail organizations are expected to explode in growth. According to Forrester, “by 2027, US Online Retail Spending Will Reach $1.6 Trillion”. And that’s exactly where Conversational AI comes into play.

Imagicle Conversational AI. Turning look-arounds into purchases 24/7.

Imagicle Conversational AI automates conversations through natural interactions and integrates chat and voice channels with virtual and human agents to improve customer and employee experience. 

Every request is managed by a virtual assistant via voicebot or chatbot in real-time, through the user’s favorite channel, with the option of transferring to staff when needed. If you wish to learn more, you can read our Conversational AI blog post.

Imagicle Conversational AI: the future of retail is here.

In a nutshell, Conversational AI is a true omnichannel platform, delivering an exceptional experience on users’ preferred – often multiple – channels. To give you an idea, McKinsey states omnichannel solutions bring customers to shop 1.7 more than single-channel solutions.

Applied to the retail world specifically, all this means:

No more abandoned carts.
  • How many times have we tried to make a purchase but got frustrated by the difficult check-out process? Or maybe just exited a website without buying anything because we couldn’t find what we were looking for quickly? Conversational AI eliminates these scenarios in two ways: a proactive chat virtual assistant will guide the user in their purchase, and then, if the customer wants to exit the site, it will help them complete the order by providing contextual information, automatic promos, and resolving any doubts. To give an idea of how important these enhancements might be, the average amount of abandoned carts in online shops in the USA is 70%, which translates into 260 USD going lost.
Easy appointments.
  • With voice or chat-like bots, users can independently book and manage appointments at headquarters, stores, or branches without unnecessary waiting time. Conversational AI books mutually convenient slots, avoiding conflicting meetings or misunderstandings.
Better inventory management. 
  • Conversational AI helps staff be aligned and keep track of inventory wherever they are with a centralized and automatic system. And when it comes to customer service calls, it makes it easier for agents to solve queries by suggesting the next best steps, similar use cases, and general answers.
H24 support, in every language, on every channel
  • Customer service doesn’t have a closing time anymore. Site visitors can get guidance through their preferred modes, channels, and language, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in an easy, human-like conversation, whether written or spoken. Moreover, designing the flow is easy and doesn’t require prior IT knowledge.
Always know where packages are.
  • Suppose your business heavily relies on shipping packages. In that case, Conversational AI has true potential to make your life easier by delivering accurate order status information in real-time, freeing operators from a repetitive question that gets asked multiple times a day. No more manual checking, Conversational AI always knows where packages are.
FAQs 2.0.
  • Every website has a FAQ section, but Conversational AI takes it to the next level by providing new, contextual, conversational answers. This prevents the customer from wandering around the site looking for info they can’t find, improving the experience and speeding everything up.

See it in action.

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A complete suite of apps. More than a simple platform.

Imagicle Conversational AI is just one of many apps inside the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite – the complete set of UC apps available behind a single pane of glass to simplify deployment, administration, and use; enriched with AI/ML and conversational experiences to keep up with the new, more digital world.

Imagicle Conversational AI: the future of retail is here.

By pairing Conversational AI with the other apps in the Suite, retail organizations can reach a whole new level of automation, digital advancement, productivity, and overall happiness in their work. 

To give you some examples, Call Recording helps regulate disputes and retrieve information quickly and compliantly. Digital Fax fully virtualizes the fax system, cutting paper and toner costs and making the process much faster. Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant allows more organized and professional management and routing of calls, and so on.

Discover the potential of the Imagicle UCX Suite.

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Conversational AI is your retail organization’s ally to thrive in increasing post-Covid inflation and hybrid business model. It ties together all the multichannel processes your business carries on and makes them frictionless and easy to complete, from telling a customer where their package is all the way to managing inventories.

Invest in your future today. Choose Conversational AI.

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