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Summer Release 2018

Jul 12 2018


Summer Release 2018.
Dive into Imagicle AppSuite
new features.



Discover all the exciting summertime features. SIPREC for Imagicle Call Recording, Silent Monitoring, Whisper Coaching and call recording available on Imagicle Attendant Console. Maid ID identification on the room's phone for Imagicle Hotel Pack, greater security in fax archiving and much more. All within Summer release.

Attendant Console Imagicle
Attendant Console

Listen to operators and guide them remotely

Silent Monitoring

Listen to operator's conversation, without any awareness notice

Whisper Coaching

Provide speech suggestions to operator, without involving remote party

  cisco phones
cisco phones Cisco Finesse does NOT include Whisper Coaching functionality.
Add one Imagicle Attendant Console to monitor and guide Cisco Finesse agents as well!

Imagicle Call Recording lands on Attendant Console
The perfect combination.


Start/Stop and pause/resume recording functionalities are also available on Imagicle Attendant Console. Choose which calls to record and access your recordings in a click!
Attendant Console

Call Recording

Ready for all the Cisco recording technologies.

1. Built in Bridge Recording
2. Dial-In Recording
3. Network Based Recording
4. SIPREC imagicle



Imagicle StoneFax is ready for HIPAA.
Get rid of your old fax machines

Imagicle StoneFax is perfect to streamline fax operations and comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) thanks to: - NEW support of fax archive encryption via BitLocker - Profiled access to the user fax box The solution is also available on Cisco GPL.



Imagicle hotel pack

Hotel Pack for Cisco UC

The room is ready! Who took care of it?

Today, hoteliers can keep track of who cleaned the room. At the end of room's cleaning, the personnel can set the room status by identificating via PIN on the phone.