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Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.

It’s a wrap on Gitex 2021, the biggest tech event in the Middle East. Imagicle brought outstanding tech news and the thrill to finally sponsor an in-person event to the table. Now it’s time for some notes & takeaways.

Nice to e-meet you.

Gitex Technology 2021 ended on October 21 after a 5-day-long tech full immersion, where worldwide companies united to unveil the future as it happens
Among the many topics of the exhibition, we can’t leave out:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud technologies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Immersive Marketing
  • Blockchain
  • Quantum Computing

The possibilities are endless. Gitex is a core opportunity for companies and the wider audience of tech to see first-hand what the future awaits, what are the latest trends, and to witness futuristic creations that are just jaw-dropping. 

We’re talking about an occasion where everyone has a chance to shine, from startups to industry leaders. Young people, women in tech, skilled representatives: everyone finds their place at an event that brought together 3,500 exhibitors from 140 countries

Among those 3,500, there was Imagicle. As Dubai World Trade Center was buzzing with visitors (Gitex has welcomed up to 150,000 people in the past), our fantastic Middle East team could be found in Za’abeel Hall 1, at the Cisco booth, showcasing the latest Imagicle innovations.

Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.

Despite the masks covering their faces, you can tell how happy we were to finally see partners and customers face-to-face

After 2 years where the pandemic prevented us from getting closer than 6 feet, being able to sponsor a real-life event was a breath of fresh air. Almost otherwordly.

As Imagicle, we surely put all our efforts into making our customers and partners feel welcomed even remotely. And quite frankly, we succeeded.

But nothing beats an old-fashioned handshake and face-to-face chats. We had the chance to greet new potential customers and partners and to nurture relationships with existing ones. We knew we had to make the most of every single second, and so we did not only invest our energies into promoting our products and native integrations with Cisco solutions, but we also invested them in building and strengthening honest human & business relationships

But let’s start with the Imagicle innovations, the core of our presence at Gitex.

Integrations and Gadgets to elevate your Cisco Calling experience.

The Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite is a complete set of Unified Communications apps in One Suite, granting top-level security, privacy, and efficiency and ready to natively integrate with your Cisco calling platforms.

We’ve already told you why it’s a perfect match for your Cisco UCM Cloud, but perhaps you don’t know how the beautiful apps inside it could make your work hassle-free. For good.

  • Starting from Summer Release 2021, Imagicle Attendant Console is natively integrated with Webex, taking control of your Webex client or IP phone. This translates into faster and more organized customer service: all calls can be answered, transferred, parked from the same client you use every day and love, resulting in double the number of handled calls. 
  • 4 Imagicle exclusive gadgets, directly available from your Webex client:
Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.

Call Recording to access and retrieve important information in total compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR, MiFID II, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.

Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.

Contact Manager to find contacts stored in internal and external directories in a click and greet customers by name,

Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.

Digital Fax to virtualize the fax system while strengthening security and cutting costs;

Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.

Call Analytics for a precise and automatic analysis of budget and device usage + adoption, and block phones upon budget reach.

Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.

Imagicle UCs are designed to transform your Webex into the most complete and powerful work tool you might have, usable from any device in an easy way, allowing you to unlock the real potential of your business by streamlining time-consuming and repetitive tasks such as budget control, archiving faxes, store important information.

But this was just the warm-up. These integrations were pre-existing, improved every day to make your lives even easier.

But there was something more.
At Gitex 2021, we had the amazing opportunity to present new products for the first time, designed to improve your customer service: Imagicle Manager Assistant and Imagicle Voice Analytics.

imagicle manager assistant
Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.

Manager Assistant is designed to improve call managementdelegation, and cooperation between Managers and Assistants: different call behaviors according to the whitelists, call forwarding to selected destinations, configurable filters, and more!

Recording calls is a crucial need, but what about analyzing them to extract their real value?
Get to know Voice Analytics, an AI service that gives you a prompt analysis of your recorded calls thanks to speech-to-text and sentiment analysis features.

Live session on Voice Analytics.

Imagicle Voice Analytics was the real main character of the story. With its prompt analysis of recorded voice calls, it can save your operators a tremendous amount of time and unravel all the hidden insights that you can’t catch just by manually listening to conversations.

Its AI engine and cloud-native nature are what drew people to the live session we held at Cisco Seminar Area.

Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.

We’ve said it already, but it can’t hurt to say it twice: web meetings and presentations have their own charm undoubtedly. They’re flexible and comfortable. But standing in front of real people, with real eyes and real questions, telling them the effort Imagicle has put into releasing a solution that can put the capital C in Customer Service, remains priceless.

Find out more on Voice Analytics here.

Cisco + Imagicle. A match made in the Clouds.

Our close partnership with Cisco goes way back. It has been strategic for both of us, as it has given and keeps giving us the opportunity to offer growth in terms of technology, deployment, and innovation over the years, resulting in the availability of the Imagicle apps on Cisco Global Pricelist as Cisco Preferred Solution Partner. 

Together, we aim to make our customers’ work seamless day by day.

But relationships can’t be based on business alone. Before we’re salesmen or developers, we’re humans. That’s why we loved to catch up with great members from the Cisco team, for two main reasons:

  • Once again prove that the Cisco + Imagicle relationship finds its foundation in trustworthy, talented human beings.
  • Enforce our strategic partnership, which allows us to jump a centimeter higher everyday, for our customers.
Imagicle @ Gitex 2021: takeaways from being in a crowd after a while.

The time spent together at Gitex discussing technological innovations and the future of UCs was appreciated from both parts and was long overdue. So much so that Ahmad Zureiki, Head of Collaboration Business – Middle East & Africa at Cisco Systems, commented on our LinkedIn post:

“Thank you Imagicle team for your valuable partnership and your exceptional support during Gitex.”

That’s what makes the difference. Not only crunching data and deep tech training but humans sharing insights and takeaways at a global event bringing together different perspectives and experiences, ready to come together as one to bring high-touch innovations and make lives easier.

Key takeaways.

It’s almost time to wrap up. As we get back to normal workdays after this thrilling week, there are a few main points we want to take home with us.

Join the conversation.

At an event this big, there’s more to do than just showcase products. Any tech company can develop a Call Recording, but people are unique. Make an effort to meet new people and greet the ones you know, share insights, opinions, knowledge. It will benefit everyone and you’ll get richer but in a human way.

In-person events are still a thing.

Many believed that Covid-19 would discourage in-person gatherings, but Gitex proved this isn’t the case. The halls were buzzing with tech lovers, from beginners to industry leaders, eager to get to know each others’ solutions and showcase theirs. Real-life meetings still have a future, and it’s bright.

You never stop learning.

Gitex was full of different people, representing different companies and different types of tech, from UCs to robotics, to AI. We all need to remember that, despite the experience we gain every day, we need to remain teachable. At an event like this, looking around and seeing what other people are doing and how is a great way to improve your offer and learn something new.

Where you can find us next.

The curtain fell on Gitex, but the event side of things is still alive and thriving. Here’s where you can find Imagicle next. Be sure to save your seat! 😉

  • WebexOne, 26-28 October. A totally virtual event where you can book a free demo to discover our solutions dedicated to Webex first-hand.
  • ConnectedLive 2021, 8-10 november. A totally virtual occasion to „learn about exciting solutions, industry challenges, and new ideas focused around your institutions changing environment.“

Did you have the chance to attend Gitex? What are your thoughts? Did you meet the Imagicle team? Tell us in the comments!

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