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Winter Release 2023. From UC to UCX, next-level experience.

Empowered integrations for Webex Calling, brand-new Screen Recording, a new look & feel for the Imagicle Webex gadgets: these are just some of the news that Winter Release 2023 brought to the Imagicle UCX Suite. Read on to discover all the features!

Imagicle UCX Suite: welcome, X!

Over the Winter season, our beloved Imagicle UC Suite gained a new letter. It’s now called Imagicle UCX Suite, where the X stands for experience. A simple letter that means so much: Imagicle’s philosophy has always revolved around making customers happy through a unique experience: user, employee, collaboration, support experience, and more. Changing the name of the core product of the Imagicle offer serves as a mirror of the new features released with Winter Release 2023, conceived to further improve your experience all-around and make it faster, smarter, and easier.

Imagicle Digital Fax on Control Hub.

2022 was a golden year for the Imagicle + Cisco partnership, and it closed with a piece of final great news: the official availability of Imagicle Digital Fax inside the Webex Control Hub!

Imagicle Digital Fax is now available directly from Webex Control Hub, fully Integrated with Webex Calling to deliver a 100% cloud-based faxing solution for both Multi-Tenant and Dedicated.

Winter Release 2023. From UC to UCX, next-level experience.

Thanks to the direct connection to the Webex Control Hub, you will be able to:

  • send and receive faxes regardless of your PSTN option (including Cisco PSTN).
  • Configure the solution quickly and easily.

Imagicle Digital Fax provides customers with a unified experience directly inside the Webex App: fax wizard and all the faxes received/sent are available at a click thanks to the free Imagicle Digital Fax Gadget for Webex.

The new Digital Fax integration completes the already powerful Imagicle offer for Webex Calling which includes exclusive offerings:

  • The ONLY Digital Fax, with cloud-based inbound and outbound fax for both Multi-Tenant and Dedicated, now in general availability.
  • The ONLY Attendant Console, integrated with both Webex Calling Multi-Tenant and Dedicated (including also Cloud Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant), working with Webex App. This makes Imagicle the only ecosystem partner to offer a flagship Cloud Attendant Console, complete with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant services, able to work in mixed environments, and fully compatible with all Cisco platforms: UCMHCS, and Webex Calling, both multi-tenant and dedicated (former UCM Cloud). 

And there is even more: we’re working hard to deliver soon two new native integration for:

  • Call Recording + Voice Analytics + Screen Recording: On top of Cloud Call Recording for DI, support for MT coming on Webex Control Hub in Q1 2023.
  • Call Analytics: Providing comprehensive Cloud Call Analytics for DI and soon also for MT, coming Q1 2023.
Winter Release 2023. From UC to UCX, next-level experience.

Be sure to stay tuned, because 2023 will be even more exciting than 2022.

Imagicle Screen Recording. The best ally to improve Customer eXperience.

If you know Imagicle, you might already be familiar with Imagicle Call Recording and Voice Analytics, the Imagicle tools providing compliant call recording complete with automated call analysis and transcriptions powered by AI. Today, these two app gain a new companion that further improves customer eXperience: Imagicle Screen Recording.

Winter Release 2023. From UC to UCX, next-level experience.

In short, Imagicle Screen Recording captures agents’ computer desktop activities during recorded calls and get the complete picture of customer interactions. When Call Recording is engaged, agents’ voice and screen will both be captured. Here’s a series of scenarios in which Screen Recording comes in handy:

  • Unlock agent insights: get the complete picture of agent-customer interactions with screen and call recording and monitor both on-site and remote agents’ behaviour.
  • Improve service quality: understand how agents are using applications and tools, find the best way to handle data, revise your scripts to improve future strategies.
  • Ensure PCI-DSS compliance:Screen Recording supports file encryption, secure storage, and screen masking to blank sensitive information.
  • Create ad-hoc training: Get all the pieces you need to find and address workflow inefficiencies, better train agents and learn from real-life successes, failures, and use cases.

Plus, thanks to the great integration with Voice Analytics and Call Recording, you can analyze insight of call recording while playing the related screen recording directly inside Imagicle Voice Analytics, getting the real power of conversation analysis.

Try Imagicle Screen Recording.

Get a free trial of the new Imagicle Screen Recording to test its benefits first-hand.

Speaking of Voice Analytics…

Voice Analytics. Improved collaboration eXperience.

Along with the release of Screen Recording, our Voice Analytics technology also got better. The Imagicle products that analyzes recorded voice calls through transcriptions and sentiment analysis is now complete with the following features:

  • 3x faster. Voice Analytics is now more then three times faster, in search, task execution and dashboard load thanks software improvements.
  • Focus on what matters. Arrange users in groups, to find conversations that matters and make supervisor job easier.
  • Identify and organize key conversations. Create and assign one or more tags to conversations, improve searches and get organized.

If you wish to learn more, read the blog post on tags and groups in Voice Analytics.

Imagicle Gadgets. Brand-new look and user eXperience.

Features are not the only thing that factors into experience. In fact, when it comes to our beloved gadgets, we’ve worked to renovate the look&feel to bring it closer to our brand identity and improve usability. The Imagicle Call Recording, Digital Fax, and (soon) Contact Manager gadgets now have a new skin on both Webex and Microsoft Teams.

Winter Release 2023. From UC to UCX, next-level experience.
Winter Release 2023. From UC to UCX, next-level experience.

Conversational AI. New dashboard and WhatsApp integrations.

The Imagicle platform that automates conversations integrating chat and voice channels with virtual and human agents, Conversational AI, was also involved in the Winter breeze, which brought a brand new dashboard and a better integration with WhatsApp.

The product now has a comprehensive dashboard to analyze the performance of bots and chat operators.

Winter Release 2023. From UC to UCX, next-level experience.

The integration with WhatsApp, on the other hand, is not a new feature. In fact, Conversational AI was already able to integrate with the platform, but it can now do so avoiding 3rd party providers, resulting in faster and easier direct connection and elimination of 3rd party fees, making it easier to directly interact with customers on the most used channel worldwide.

Imagicle Support Portal. A brand-new support eXperience.

Last, but not least, Imagicle’s support eXperience – already rated 9.8/10 – has gained a new piece that makes it even better: the Support Portal!

Winter Release 2023. From UC to UCX, next-level experience.

If you’ve been browsing our customer/partner areas, you might have notices a new section called Support Portal. This new tool makes the support experience more complete, transparent, and digital. The support portal brings all ticket details in the same page and all related emails in the same thread, with the possibility to reply directly form the portal. From it, you can:

  • Open your support ticket and follow its status and updates.
  • Filter by open tickets only, support level, priority, status, date.
  • Share a quick update directly on page.

A faster, smarter, easier way to communicate with the Imagicle support team!


The Winter 2023 season has been the perfect closing for a great Imagicle year, a year in which many things changed for the better and the Imagicle UCX Suite got even more powerful. 2023 will follow 2022’s trail and bring our customers and partners even better features, products, and enhancements to work with, so be sure to stay tuned!

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