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Voice Analytics. Understanding agent performance.

Customer success is a primary goal at Imagicle. The new Voice Analytics dashboard is the natural evolution of a path of research and innovation to enhance strategic use of data for supervisors to improve customer service. Read on to discover the benefits.

Why Voice Analytics is becoming essential.

Supervisors often rely on recording company calls to improve agents’ performances and processes, but reaching this goal can be difficult due to the massive volume of calls they need to review. Listening to thousands of recorded calls manually each day is not practical for customer services, as it often leads to failing to detect customer issues and pain areas. This causes business losses and leads to an inferior perception of the brand, as consumers who experience poor customer service are likely to switch brands.

Until a few years ago, supervisors could do very little to improve their services, and they frequently lost customers as a result.

But that’s the past. Today, technology has come to the rescue of supervisors and companies by offering powerful tools that help analyze thousands of calls in a few clicks

Since 2021, Imagicle Voice Analytics has made its way among cloud solutions for conversation analysis, as my colleagues already announced with a focus on Voice Analytics use cases and its security and privacy guarantee.

Voice Analytics. Understanding agent performance.

As a result of current trends, evolving markets that work with voice are increasingly demanding and looking for efficient solutions to make the most out of their data. This need to have tools for analyzing conversations is evolving into a real strategic choice.

The goal is to:

  • Maintain high levels of quality in the services provided.
  • Solve issues and expand demand-based services proactively.
  • Evaluate and encourage compliance with both international regulations and company policies on communications and services.

 Let us now look at Imagicle Voice Analytics and how it can help organizations grow towards reaching these goals.

Imagicle Spring Release 2022. A brand new Voice Analytics Dashboard.

Imagicle Voice Analytics is a cloud-based technology that analyses voice recordings to gain insights into customer behavior and call quality through transcriptions and sentiment analysis.

The integration and automations configurable within the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite and Call Recording allow companies to set up an autonomous system to transfer and analyze recordings: a faster, smarter, and easier solution that ensures that nothing relevant gets lost from your organization’s calls.

In its first version, Imagicle Voice Analytics could browse its list of conversations using the prompt content search and consult the sentiment of a call through the text transcription.

With spring, though, as you know, new things blossom, and something new is in the air.

Voice Analytics. Understanding agent performance.

Our field research found that the listening, research, and sample selection are the critical steps of this significant analysis.

As we’ve said before, support, customer service, or sales teams often access meaningful information after tight controls, spot checks, and time-consuming routines that fail to highlight critical issues or areas of the business that need action or enhancement, significantly reducing the ability of supervisors to take action. 

Without a point of synthesis or an information aggregation center, these data are more difficult to acquire and give less assurance that hot spots will be detected. 

Artificial Intelligence is fundamental to making up for the lack of time to analyze conversations and simplifying the manual analysis to measure the speakers’ tone, sentiment, and emotion.

But let’s see in detail what are the most relevant data that, as Imagicle, we wanted to bring to the user’s fingertips.

Voice Analytics. Understanding agent performance.

Months of study and collaboration with real users, designers, and developers team from the field helped us build a brand new Voice Analytics Dashboard designed to make it easier for our customers to control and monitor conversations.

What was described in the presentation article Voice Analytics: AI and use cases to elevate customer satisfaction finds a new shape and place. Supervisors and standard users can immediately intercept the elements of analysis that are meaningful to them at a glance, without losing any detail.

Designed with an incremental and dynamic approach, we created the new Dashboard to collect and expose the health of conversations with a quick and accurate summary.

The magic of sentiment analysis, built with a sophisticated market-leading artificial intelligence engine, also finds a home in this new data organization. It populates the first main set of functional widgets to tell the mood of all parties involved in the call.

Through the Dashboard, supervisors will understand calls trend in a specific time frame and for a selection of users, always having an updated picture of the actual situation.

Well, how about taking a look at the Dashboard content now?

All the widgets you need to increase operational efficiencies and understand customer needs and personas.

The Overall Sentiment tells the average mood of the conversation. The widget highlights the number of Positive, Neutral or Negative calls to let agents start a sequence of analysis that can reveal the real need for an intervention or borderline scenarios to be monitored. 

Voice Analytics. Understanding agent performance.

Through the Sentiment Breakdown, we measure and display the average sentiment of the agents (Users) and the service users (Remote parties) to highlight the parties’ different moods throughout calls. This indicator will show differences or similarities between the two groups to evaluate the adherence to the company’s mood expectations, pain points, and successful approaches.

Voice Analytics. Understanding agent performance.

With the Sentiment Trend, we offer the possibility to explore the evolution of sentiment within the selected time interval: an analysis within the analysis. Getting the detail of peaks or troughs will allow discovering overall eventual problems/criticalities.

Voice Analytics. Understanding agent performance.

To enhance the analysis experience, the possibility to select, directly from the graph, we introduced the data that agents want to visualize. In this way, it will be possible to switch from the analysis on a single type of data to multiple types to evaluate the comparison overtime.

The key elements that link the entire Dashboard are:
  • A column of quantitative data to give context to the qualitative analysis.
  • The comparison index with the previous corresponding period (this choice is designed to facilitate informed monitoring of data and its progress over time).
  • The direct link to calls to reach in one click the set of records inherent to the explorations performed in the Dashboard as a must-have to facilitate access to meaningful content.

Benefits of using Voice Analytics.

For Supervisors.

Supervisors will be able to simplify and streamline their control activities and intercept the strengths and weaknesses of the teams they manage.

The Dashboard will be their ally in streamlining control activities and quickly reach all the relevant conversations that need attention. They will be able to identify the mood of the operators and that of their callers, decide and calibrate their interventions to solve problems or activate training actions on the team or specific members.

For Operators.

They will be able to visualize the status and progress of their activities.

The representation of their own sentiment trend and scores will allow them to identify the critical conversations and the ones that went better (thus improving their performance day by day!). Filtering the calls by mood will be an inspiration to identify their strengths and weaknesses while keeping in mind the feeling of the callers with whom they’ve been speaking.

Voice Analytics. Understanding agent performance.


Imagicle Voice Analytics is the tool conceived and designed using the latest AI and cloud technologies to allow you to extract information and data from conversations already recorded with Imagicle Call Recording.

Through the new Dashboard dedicated to Sentiment Analysis, everything that the mood can tell will be even more accessible.

And don’t worry. This is just a first taste, the beginning of an analytics offering that will soon welcome new widgets and new metrics to maximize access to a wealth of information contained in the recordings.

So, forget the stress of scanning recordings one by one.

The revolution has started, and your analysis process will be amazingly smarter, faster, and easier.

Stay tuned not to miss what’s coming up for you and your business.

And if you want to know more about Voice Analytics’ dashboard and the other news of Spring Release 2022, register to the dedicated webinar on April 20!

Voice Analytics. Understanding agent performance.
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