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The best of Imagicle Summer Release 2020. FREE HANDBOOK.

The best of Imagicle Summer Release 2020.

Imagicle Winter Release 2020 is in the works. The engines are at full capacity, the minds of our Imagicle experts are in flight. Now, to fully enjoy the huge news we are preparing for you, you must first explore our latest round of summer news. Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to offer you the ripe fruits of the Imagicle summer: a compact, interactive handbook that summarizes the main innovations and features that we have introduced in our Imagicle AppSuite with the Summer Release 2020.

A quick, clear path to discover the greatest news that will make your UC even more efficient, from the office and remotely:
  • the Imagicle ApplicationSuite as a Service;
  • the introduction of Microsoft Calendar into the Attendant Console;
  • the expansion of Call Recording capabilities + a special replacement offer for Cisco Mediasense customers;
  • new APIs to automate the locking and unlocking of corporate phones;
… and a lot more!
All written and organized in the agile and warm style of blog posts, penned directly by Imagicle experts, to offer you an authentic taste of this world of innovation and happy people.

Imagicle Summer Release 2020 top news

Discover all the news of Imagicle Summer Release that
will allow you to fully enjoy the next great season of innovation.




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