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Imagicle and Kurmi Software: teaming up to boost your UC.

Have you heard the news, guys? We wanted to do something extremely Imagicle to start the new year off right! That's why, in partnership with Kurmi Software, we decided to take care of a state of the art provisioning and management applications for Service Providers and large enterprises...

I’m talking about Day 1 and Day 2 configuration automation for the Imagicle UC apps via Kurmi Service Provider Suite for any Cisco Calling platform, either partner hosted (HCS) and onpremises (UCM).

In the following paragraphs, I’m going to tell you how the customer’s on-boarding front-end portal with Kurmi Software Domain Manager can automate the entire process, reduce the on-boarding time of new customers and streamline services provisioning and deployment.

Basically, what we wanted to do was broadening the range of solutions offered to service providers and large companies. As always, our goal was to make our applications even more accessible to everyone, and, as always, we’ve been looking for the best allies to achieve our goal.

In fact, the more we work on the technological advancement of our solutions, on a structured sales system and on offering a reliable support service, the more we understand what our customers need most: simplicity.

Sometimes offering the best apps is not enough if the complexity of their deployment for a large number of users discourages companies from installing them.
That’s why we started looking around to find the leading vendors in the domain manager provisioning business. 
What we needed was an operations management platform for Cisco HCS able to automate the entire lifecycle of a client from deployment to end-users’ provisioning and administration. And that’s when we came into contact with Kurmi Software, which, according to a 2018 Nemertes’ research focused on UCC administration management tools, “has the lowest overall UCC operational cost and the highest overall customer ratings”. What is more,  “among the administration management providers, Kurmi scored top across the board for all ratings”. 
Well, it seems like at the end of our research we found what Mrs. Turner would call “simply the best”. face with stuck-out tongue & winking eye 

Faster customer on-boarding and apps deployment from a single pane of glass.

The partnership and integration developed between Imagicle and Kurmi are intended to speed up Cisco UC deployments and to deliver Imagicle musthave apps to match customer’s expectations, allowing service providers to scale and increase margins with operations automation.
UCaaS services are all about consolidation and standardization: service providers need to provide a rich set of capabilities with advanced automation of manual configuration needed, to speed up deployments and save costs.
To get such automation, most of the features have to be standardized in the offering, and standardization means concentrating the vendors they need to deal with.
That’s exactly where Imagicle fits perfectly, providing a single Suite of the most required UC apps including Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant, Call Recording and Analytics, Contact Manager, Digital Fax, and specific features for Hospitality.
With the Imagicle UCX Suite in combination with Cisco HCS platforms, service providers have all they need to offer rich UCaaS services with a coherent and consistent user experiencePlus, thanks to the integration with Kurmi, they finally have a comprehensive domain manager tool, able to streamline both Cisco and Imagicle configurations and speed up user onboarding with all the selected functionalities based on the desired profiles!
Kurmi domain manager automates the following operations for Imagicle apps:
  • Cisco UCM Day 1 Configuration, including SIP Trunk Configuration, IP Phone Services, Translation Pattern, Route List, Route Group, etc..
  • Cisco UCM Day 2 Configuration, including IP Phone Services Management, Line Appearance & Built in Bridge (Recording App), Route Pattern (Fax, Queuing and Auto Attendant) and Imagicle Directory Configuration
So with very simple inputs, service providers operations generate magic outputsusers get ready to access Imagicle Apps through any device Cisco Jabber, Cisco IP Phone, Imagicle Attendant Console or directly via the Web UI.
Up to 97% of the Cisco UCM configuration for Imagicle apps is fully automated, and additional enhancements are planned within the end of Q2 CY’19.
From an architecture perspective, Kurmi Solution is integrated with CUCM using AXL, with the Imagicle Directory using LDAP protocol and with Imagicle Application Suite through the API.

A great value for Service Providers and for Enterprises.

See, here’s the thing. UCaaS solutions offer great possibilities for service providers, but often the onboarding of customers and the deployment of large-scale services are affected by cost, delay and complexity issues.
Therefore, as we said, many Cisco HCS partners seek out a domain manager like Kurmi Software to provide cost savings while offering the best user experience. But partners also need additional applications to maximize their solutions and enrich the service offered to customers – and what could be better than a complete set of best of breed apps available on a single deployment platform? smiling face with open mouth 
Within the Imagicle UCX Suite, service providers have all the required tools to control and analyze calls, improve incoming call handling for receptionists and agents, virtualize fax services, provide advanced directory capabilities, record calls, and add hotel services to the Cisco UC platforms. And everything automatically provisioned for configuration and user onboarding by Kurmi management platform, allowing service providers to implement their very own best practices and differentiate their product offering while ensuring scalability, high availability, and security.
The same applies to large companies handling their own Cisco UC Manager platform, needing to manage a complex and extensive infrastructure with a simple configuration and uniform accessibilityusability. 
Once again, in fact, it doesn’t matter how many branches you have, how much your turnover is or how many employees are in your company: each of them will still need simple tools, an intuitive interface and speeding up onboarding, move, and change.
So, here is our new year present all gift-wrapped with a little bow on top: a real win-to-win combination for anyone who needs to automate operations, increase productivity and get faster, smarter and easier communications.
Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts. Your communications are about to take off.
#stayimagicle and #happynewyear


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