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Cisco and Imagicle elevating their partnership with Webex Calling

Cisco and Imagicle have partnered for over a decade. With Cisco’s release of the new Webex Attendant Console at the end of 2023, our partnership is elevated to new heights. The joint development of Webex Attendant Console replaces the legacy Receptionist Client, paving the way for a more intuitive customer service for Webex Calling customers.

A Strong Partnership Built on Trust and Expertise. 

When the partnership between Imagicle and Cisco started in 2012, it marked the beginning of an era of shared advancements and success. It was then that Cisco incorporated Imagicle’s product line into its Global Price List(GPL), demonstrating confidence in Imagicle’s capabilities. 

Back then, the primary focus of the partnership was on enhancing Cisco’s On-Prem traditional calling platform, Unified Communications Manager(UCM). However, in later stages, the collaboration naturally transitioned towards Cloud Calling, with a strong focus on enhancing Webex Calling, Cisco’s signature enterprise-grade Cloud platform.

This strategic shift confirmed both companies as industry leaders, adapting to market demands and delivering cutting-edge solutions globally. While Cisco’s platforms enhance customers’ calling capabilities, Imagicle integrations complete their communication & collaboration system. Imagicle Attendant Console, Call Recording, Digital Fax, and Call Analytics for all Cisco Calling platforms are just some examples. 

Today, all this acquires a new flavor thanks to the combined efforts to deliver the new Webex Attendant Console, a brand new Cisco product with Imagicle’s developing hand behind the scenes.

Webex Attendant Console. The shiniest milestone yet.

The new Webex Attendant Console enhances call management for receptionists and supervisors. Accessible through the Webex App, it grants familiarity to all users. It elevates call, contact, presence, queue and call recording managementwhile also enriching supervisor capabilities. 

See Cisco’s short demo for more information of Webex Attendant Console features.

Cisco and Imagicle elevating their partnership with Webex Calling

But what about the Imagicle Attendant Console?

Well, with all its advanced receptionist and customer service features, the Imagicle Attendant Console covers an entirely different set of use cases. See Cisco’s positioning map below.

Cisco and Imagicle elevating their partnership with Webex Calling

See the full positioning deck in Cisco’s SalesConnect Portal.

In a nutshell, the Webex Attendant Console is the perfect solution for standard business calling & receptionist needs, suitable for all verticals and providing an intuitive solution with no training needed. Companies with more sophisticated requirements may need to consider the Imagicle solution, offering a thick client with advanced functionalities and real-time granular reporting.

The Webex Attendant Console is purchasable through Cisco as an add-on option to the Webex Calling subscription, while the Imagicle Attendant Console is purchasable on Cisco GPL S+.

Imagicle’s Comprehensive Offer for Webex Calling Multi-Tenant and Dedicated Instance.

Prior to the release of the Webex Attendant Console, by integrating the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite with Webex Calling Multi-Tenant, Cisco and Imagicle had already made cutting-edge UC apps available from the Webex App. The suite includes:

Each application within the Imagicle UCX Suite enhances user experience, boosts productivity, and simplifies tasks, optimizing communications and business operations.

The best yet to come.

Last, but not least, I speak for the whole Imagicle team when I say we want to give Cisco our heartfelt congratulations on the successful release of the Webex Attendant Console. This innovative tool stands as a testament to Cisco’s dedication to enhancing communication and operations, and at Imagicle we couldn’t be more proud to having been a part of this journey. 

The partnership between Cisco and Imagicle continues to push boundaries in delivering advanced and intuitive digital tools. We look forward to seeing the exciting developments that lie ahead for us.

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