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Imagicle Virtual Event: takeaways and recaps from a journey to the Clouds.

It's Cloud Time!, the very first Cisco-Dedicated Imagicle Virtual Event held March 15-17, was a special occasion to show the power of Imagicle solutions in cloud migration and hybrid work. Let's see some highlights!

Above expectations.

We couldn’t have imagined such good feedback at our first event, with over 800 people registered and excellent participation and interaction. With 21 sessions, 14 speakers, and our Cisco Special Guest, Justin Ramirez, we have addressed the topic of Cloud migration in every aspect, opening a path of in-depth study and dialogue that we would like to walk with all of you.

Before starting this post, I’d like to thank each of you on behalf of us all – no matter if you watched all the sessions or just one, if you’ll join us next time, or if you are just reading this to catch up. It was you who made these three days a success!

By the way: are you one of the 800+ people who signed up for the event? Good news! All the event sessions are now available on-demand in your reserved area. Log in to It’s Cloud Time and enjoy the best moments!

If you couldn’t register to the event, we have good news for you too. We will release webinars throughout 2022 covering every topic from the event. Subscribe to our newsletter to know when a new webinar is coming up!

Product Track. Hybrid work transformation and the migration to the Cloud.

We opened day 1, the Product Track, with a keynote from our CEOs to see the reasons for such migration to the Cloud and how we shall rethink the future of work. They highlighted how hybrid work, initially driven by the pandemic, is now a reality for the present and the future, with 43% of people pushing to work remotely full time. At the same time, Cloud technology is finally ready to make this transition really efficient and smooth while safeguarding users’ experience and data security.

Actually, the world of corporate communications was heading in this direction even before the pandemic (albeit at a much slower pace). That’s why, at Imagicle, we’ve made huge investments in the last 3 years, transforming our solutions, products, and services to make them available from the Cloud to every Cisco customer in minutes, leveraging the latest technologies and integrations while addressing all customers’ concerns related to cloud services, networking, and security.

The Imagicle Cloud, in fact, allows customers to take advantage of all their beloved Imagicle UC apps from the Cloud, granting feature parity and a unified and integrated experience, no matter which Cisco Calling platforms they use, and supporting hybrid scenarios as well.

That’s why the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite is the right tool to tackle hybrid work.

During the rest of the day, we saw in detail the advantages of Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite. Our experts showcased how the compatibility of Imagicle UC apps with Webex Calling can elevate the calling experience for every user in every environmentfocusing on the new Cloud-native AI services such as our Call Recording add-on, Voice Analytics – available globally to offer customers the opportunity to close the gaps in customer service quality monitoring and increase customer satisfaction through an analysis of the content of company conversations through transcriptions and sentiment analysis. 

Imagicle Virtual Event: takeaways and recaps from a journey to the Clouds.

And by the way, I suggest you stay tuned on our channels because with the upcoming Imagicle Spring Release 2022 new powerful features will be added to our Voice Analytics, making it even more essential to achieve new and expanded customer service goals!

By the way, about customer service goals, did you know that research shows that people want to solve issues on their own, 24×7, through natural interactions?

That’s why we took a look at the near future with the upcoming Imagicle Conversational AI.

This AI-based Imagicle solution empowers you to automate experiences by building virtual assistants or chatbots that can be integrated with your calling platform (Webex Calling, HCS, CUCM), leveraging your existing lines to allow your virtual assistant to transfer a call to a human agent directly on your Webex, IP Phone, and of course, the Imagicle Attendant Console. A real end-to-end experience, improving services for both customers and employees!

Imagicle Virtual Event: takeaways and recaps from a journey to the Clouds.

A real Imagicle touch!

Cisco takes the floor. Word to Justin Ramirez. The powerful synergy of Cisco + Imagicle.

Day 1 was special also because it was the day our Special Guest, Justin Ramirez, Director- Global Collaboration Engineering & BD at Cisco, took the floor to outline the details of Imagicle’s partnership & investment in Cisco platforms, now culminating into a solution that meets Cisco UC customers wherever they may be on their journey to the Cloud.

In fact, as I mentioned earlier, Imagicle’s native integration with Webex Calling (and other Cisco Platforms) is quite advanced and able to create a complete communication environment that’s easy to use and directly accessible from your calling platform.

The first milestone in this journey was the native integration of our Attendant Console with Webex Calling. The Imagicle Attendant Console, complete with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant services, is the only Cloud Attendant Console on the market able to work in mixed environments and fully compatible with all Cisco platforms: UCMHCS, and Webex Calling, both multi-tenant and dedicated (former UCM Cloud). 

And of course – the rest of our apps followed, giving you a complete set of UC apps inside your Webex Calling, powering 8 billion calls a month with the added benefit of sending faxes just like emails, monitoring call costs and trends, record and analyze them, and much more!

Tech Track. Breaking down technicalities to make them easy.

The second day of It’s Cloud Time was a gold mine for solution specialists, system integrators, solution architects, and those alike.

Why do processes like connecting a Calling Platform to the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite have to be overly complicated?

At Imagicle, we like to make everything faster, smarter, and easier. That’s why day 2, the tech track, was completely dedicated to handling customer onboardingupgrades, and maintenance; connecting, configuring, and managing the security of the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite; and top onboarding and support services behind the scenes.

We started with an overview of how we handle a Cloud customer onboarding, what questions we ask, what the requirements are, and so on. Then we went on with in-depth technical sessions about how to connect and configure different calling platforms with the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite, with a particular focus on Webex Calling Dedicated and Multi-Tenant: private and public cloud calling models require different implementation efforts, both covered by Imagicle to ensure every customer need is addressed specifically and completely.

Great event where I got to know Imagicle’s capabilities in contact center spaces and their seamless integration with Webex.

UC Solution Architect at Orange

Then the topic shifted to one of the most widespread hot topics when discussing Cloud migration worldwide: security. It doesn’t matter what field your company works in, we know that many of you will be thinking: “Moving to the Cloud might provide more flexibility and power, but what about my data? Will it be mishandled? Will it be more susceptible to leaks or hacker attacks?”

Well, no. Actually, the Cloud is the element you’re missing to make sure your communications are safe 24/7 without having to handle it yourself. And with the added value of Imagicle’s exclusive Cloud-connected and onboarding services operating behind the scenes, you basically will find your Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite secured and in production without lifting a finger!

Speaking of, Cloud-connected Services and Onboarding Services are the topics that concluded day 2. Let me quickly summarize what they consist in:

  • Imagicle’s Cloud-connected services are the concretization of our “Go Cloud at your own pace” strategy. You can keep your UCX Suite On-Prem and, by connecting it to the Cloud, leverage powerful services such as Proactive SupportCloud Licensing, Single Sign-On, and more!
  • Our onboarding services are carried out by our Advanced Services team. They’re the people who will help you find the best solution for your environment, onboard and implement it, and help you learn how to use it (spoiler: it will take little to no time). After your solution has gone into production, they’re always available to further assist you!

Day 3. Beating the competition while getting incredible benefits.

After learning about the power of the Imagicle apps and how they come to life in the customer environment, the closing day of our event was for those who were wondering how to properly add the Imagicle solutions to their value proposition.

Day 3, the Sales Track, focused on how to beat the competition and build the perfect Cloud offer. 

We went through the best sales strategies & tools based on customers’ specific needs, the new partner program with added benefits, the UCX Cloud Suite’s offer available on Cisco GPL S+.

Among the many news and topics our Imagicle experts covered, let me highlight the ones that I believe will put a bee in your bonnet:

  • The new Imagicle partner program. At Imagicle, happy people will always be our top priority: that’s why we’ve created a brand-new partner program, composed of 4 partnership levels (Reseller, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) and related benefits and bonuses given upon reaching results. The program includes Technical Engagement, Marketing Engagement, and Sales Engagement. If you want to know more about it, drop us a line!
  • The new Imagicle Customer Success Team. Experts obsessed with building long-term relationships with customers to retain and keep them happy. Generate new sources of value for customers, increasing retention and blocking competitive inroads.
  • Imagicle’s offer on Cisco GPL S+. Not only perpetual licenses and software subscriptions. As of February 3rd, Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite is officially available on Cisco GPL S+, meaning that Cloud SW Subscriptions (SaaS) options are available for all the Imagicle apps. Get the dedicated ordering guide to know more.
  • Public vs. Dedicated Cloud options. We highlighted the main differences, requirements, benefits, and use cases for the two Cloud models that Imagicle can offer their customers, thus covering the needs of companies of all sizes and requirements, even in hybrid environments with a mix-and-match of On-Prem and Cloud Calling platforms.

It’s Cloud Time is over, but the journey to the Clouds continues…

If you’ve read this blog until this wrap-up paragraph, it means you’ve picked up on the value that Imagicle can bring to your company, and you probably would like to know more about some topics.

Here’s how you can do that.

  • If you’ve registered for the event before it started, you can access your attendee hub and enjoy every session on-demand whenever you want.
  • If you didn’t register for the event before it started, don’t worry: we will release webinars throughout 2022 covering each topic mentioned above. So be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to know when a new webinar is coming up!
  • Pick our brains! The Imagicle Team is always ready to assist you with free, dedicated product demosfree trials, and more. And overall, we’re always happy to answer your questions and inquiries. Just drop us a line!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us, everyone.

And now remove your Winter coat and enjoy the Spring wind, because the next big season of news from Imagicle is coming along with the new Spring Release 2022!

Be sure to stay tuned.

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