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Imagicle remote onboarding. We want to keep playing!

The suspension of the Olympic Games. And all the rest.

From the 24th of July to the 9th of August, in the Far East, precisely in Japan, the 32nd edition of the modern era of the Olympic Games born in the 776 B.C. in Greece would have taken place.
Over time this celebration started to fade, but in 1896 a French man known as Pierre de Coubertin – sports manager, pedagogue, and historian – brought the games back into the spotlight, intended as a crossroads of cultures, languages, and people.

Unfortunately, even in contemporary history, after the return to the ancient glories of the Olympic games, there have been occasions – few, severe and memorable – in which the Olympic torch has remained unlit.
It happened during the World War, and it’s happening now, because of a pandemic that invested most of the planet, not easier to fight, if I may say so.
In an effort to prevent the continuous spread of the virus, many countries have decided to undertake lockdown and avoid social contacts between people, going against human nature, and the true spirit of the Olympic games. 
Of course, it was a necessary and thoughtful commitment adopted to face this virus.

Imagicle “People first” Policy.

In recent years we have told you many times that Imagicle’s motto is “It’s always a matter of happy people”. But we never tire of telling you that we have chosen this motto because the real pivot of everything we do is you, the people we relate to, with whom we work, with whom we share a laugh.
For this reason, at the first outbreak of the pandemic, we gave priority to what was really important: the safety and well-being of our people.
We’ve switched to smart working before the official lockdown, but we still felt we wanted to do more: we craved to help our partners and customers so we offered a 60-days free use of Imagicle apps for any organization to manage the emergency and implement smart working policies in the shortest possible time, together with 90-days free ImagicleCare Platinum services to provide further help to hospital and healthcare services in this first-line battle. 

Adjusting the sail on the wind: Imagicle Remote onboarding.

It’s been a big challenge for everyone, but it has also opened many opportunities (we like to always look to the bright side of life).
As Sébastien-Roch Nicolas, known in his adult life as Nicolas Chamfort, once said: The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist waits for it to change; the realist adjusts the sails”. 
Well, we fixed our sails and bound new tides (it is no coincidence that sailing is an Olympic sport).
The sea connects lands, and Imagicle connects people.
We were already spread worldwide, and we already adopted smart working before the COVID-19 emergency, because we firmly believe in people, their enthusiasm, and their willingness to draw the company path (or routes if we prefer to stay on a boat).
In short, we kept hiring worldwide during the lockdown, expanding our recruitment strategies: we welcomed 12 new colleagues (9 already onboarded and 3 coming soon), and we tried to design a new perspective to manage an important process that involves a person who came for the first time in a company. 
First steps into a new job are fragile, and we pay particular attention to this “imprinting”, with targeted paths aimed to discover every part of the company, e-meet managers who are glad to introduce their teams and their best practices and provide all the tools needed to support remote newcomers.
Thanks to the adoption of a learning platform, Udemy, we can now upload our content to make the training process faster, smarter, and easier, in addition to all the courses we have access to in order to carry on our philosophy of continuous improvement.
Of course, it hasn’t been easy, but we received a percentage of appreciation of 8.7/10 and 100% of our new peers would recommend joining Imagicle.
This is a good indicator that we are on track, but we are ambitious dreamers. That’s why we created a series of surveys to make sure that the people around us continue to be happy, satisfied, and safe.

We remained human.

We miss working side by side, but we have found a way to make this new virtual space in which we have moved our office still human, organizing many moments of sharing, fun, and community.
We’re inspired by the French people, who have always been determined to pursue their goals, like Coubertin, and who are not afraid of anything (is it a case that the first article on smart working published on this blog was written by our French mate Thomas?).
Tokyo games have been postponed to 2021, and we look forward to watching them, but in the meantime we want to keep playing our healthy competition, even if each of us is at home. 
We make virtual toasts to celebrate our achievements and sharing a chef’s home dinner with our beloved ones while waiting to be all together again.
Not only realism but optimism: 2020 will be also remembered as the year of new opportunities and new ways to see one problem under many points of view, finding solutions where most people see obstacles, with all due respect for the historians mentioned before.
If you want to jump on our boat, breathing saltiness, and participate in this amazing journey, check this link, and don’t hesitate to reach on me. I’ll be glad to have a conversation with you.

We hope that sharing these good practices will help many to tackle in an innovative and effective way not only the COVID-19 pandemic but every unexpected challenge that we face. Without losing the compass that points to happiness.


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