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Imagicle. Cisco Partner Experience Get-Away

Meet, create, communicate

That’s why we joined Cisco Partner Experience 2018 – Italy.
The frame – the cotton warehouses of the ancient port of Genoa – did the rest.

We sized the opportunity of this annual event dedicated to Cisco’s top Italian partners – enriched with roundtables and results-based workshops – to exchange experiences with peers from various industries in a shared and fresh setting, putting names to faces and building relationships at the highest level.
Lots happened, and it had all to do with inspiration, networking and fun.

Cisco Partner Experience highlights

  • Cisco Webex and Cisco Spark come together
  • Cybersecurity is a 2018 top priority
  • Cisco’s transforming ecosystem is focused on partnership


1. Collaboration next step: Cisco’s new Webex.

Cisco created a whole new set of collaboration tools to improve the way people work, easing up connections with co-workers, clients, and customers. Cisco Webex, indeed, unifies the entire three-core offering: Webex Calling, Webex Meeting, and Webex Teams.
Let’s check it out.

  • Webex Teams
    Starting from June 2018, Spark will be rebranded as Webex Teams. The technology powering the two products has been integrated into a common cloud back end, giving both products the same look.

Webex Teams
Webex Teams

  • Webex Meetings
    Spark meetings are now Webex meetings and come with a single set of features: roster, meeting controls, connectivity and more. It’s possible to join meetings from the Webex Meetings app or the Webex Teams app, thus creating the best security for conferences. Businesses can build collaborative workflows around Webex Teams and then launch Meetings or Calling when needed.
  • Webex Calling
    Spark Calling becomes Webex Calling, with calls being made from what was formerly the Spark calling platform, now part of the Webex cloud. Over time Cisco will migrate this to BroadSoft for advanced calling features.


2. Security first

Besides intuitive rethinking of the network, a multi-cloud approach and the renewal of the relationship with customers and partners, security is on top of Cisco 2018 priorities.
In 26 months of Digitaliani’s experience, Cisco Academy has trained 100,000 young people. Of these guys, 15,000 have been trained on cybersecurity, and it is certainly no matter of chance.

The last years’ acquisitions of new technologies, gradually integrated into solutions, have the aim of creating an integrated security by design, such as the Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) solutions, which allow detecting malware inside the data without decrypting them.
But other than the acquisitions made and integrated, Cisco’s solutions are distinguished by a smart network management that gives distributed visibility, the cloud used as a platform to provide security services to SMEs and a strong architecture.

Imagicle, for its part, is also paying greater attention to security: both IT security and that relating to the new legislation on data protection, the lately well-known GDPR.
Starting with our Call Recording solution, we are ready to make our products suitable to the new legislation, so as to guarantee our customers and partners a service of the highest level also in terms of protection and safety.

3. Cisco: an openmind ecosytem

Cisco has always had a strong ecosystem, but this event showed they are more than proactive when it comes to integrating partners in their marketing and strategy.

In the last few years, in fact, Imagicle has found itself increasingly involved in the Cisco world, exchanging with it mutual contributions in terms of innovation, intuition and growth.

The aim is to create an openmind ecosytem where partners and vendors are part of a single team that improves and integrates the platform. This way, a customer business problem can involve more actors, developing co-innovation through partners and creating a highly constructive dialogue between developers and customers.

Imagicle team rocking at Cisco Partner Experience

Well, we got to the homeland of pesto equipped with Imagicle news and the will to explore the renewed Cisco Webex platform, and we’ve definitely accomplished the mission.

It was a great chance to show how Imagicle UCX Suite is able to enhance Cisco Collaboration and to look ahead to the opportunities that await Cisco partners through the most sophisticated deployments, including advanced security solutions, automation and analytics.

Villa Zerbino, party

And, to top it all off, our cheery team had a great event finale: a proper Great Gatsby party at villa Zerbino, complete with masks and musical interlude.

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