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Cisco Partner Training, New York

Imagicle gets in a New York state of mind

Last week wasn’t definitely an ordinary one.
I had the chance to introduce Imagicle ApplicationSuite to 60 Cisco partners in the Cisco New York City office, and even if it can seem pretty obvious for the North American Channel Manager of a US IT company, it isn’for me at all.
I am a TLC Engineer grew up in a small town, Pisa, and it was a proud moment for me to be at the Sancta Sanctorum of the IT and have the chance to deliver a message.

The occasion was an informal Cisco Partner training on collaboration. No fluffy speeches or great announcements: everything was focused on how we can help our customers, what are the real things that matter to them and what are the ones that keep them awake at night.

Cisco Partner Training, New York
Cisco Partner Training, New York City

Real experience is worth a thousand words

The message I delivered is based on a simple and fundamental question: what is the best way to help Cisco partners in winning deals?

Well, first of all, we must keep in mind that winning is not only about selling: in fact, it’s mostly about reducing customer risks and improve their current collaboration systems.
In order to make myself clear, I used two use cases.

  • The first one is related to a huge Hotel struggling to have a solid Call Manager, integrating at the same time the several systems they have related to hospitality at an affordable price. That was achieved with Imagicle Hotel Pack, a solution available in Cisco CCW, able to empower the Cisco platform with all the necessary hospitality services at an affordable cost. An offer that can beat Mitel on each aspect, including the price.
  • The second one is related to our Call recording solution, one of the most flexible recording platform on the market. Imagicle is able to close 85% of the deal in call recording if the customer moves on with a Proof of Concept. The solution is actually so easy to manage and maintain that end users are willing to go ahead in a zip.

In the end, I received a lot of positive feedback, and a thriving debate has begun in the room, confirming the fact that informal talks counts several times more than fanfare style product launches. Partner loved our Hospitality Story. It actually looks like a Disney one, with a Castle, a bad problem and an happy ending.

The whole thing felt downright great.


Undertaking. That’s what we do.

Besides use cases, Imagicle delivers rock-solid products available in Cisco CCW.
Now, there are several reasons why we are over there, and the main one is very simple: you can really count on us. We have a great hard working team able to support and generate great Collaboration opportunities.

Obviously, hard working is always there, but man, when you look Manhattan from One Penn Plaza, you can trust me: you won’t regret it.

I truly hope to get similar opportunities soon in the future; other chances to give my little contribution to the IT revolution going on.



After all, as someone says, “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!”


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