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Cisco Live Orlando: we don’t want to miss a thing.

It’s pretty simple: in a world of technologies changing at the speed of light, some appointments are absolutely unmissable, and this is the case of the Cisco live Orlando.

We had five days to get inspired by Cisco’s top of the line, and we enjoyed them to the full.
It was a priceless opportunity to explore the different developments and possibilities of the IT sector, to meet with Cisco’s top partners and to get the inspiration needed to thrive in the world of digital business.

cisco live
Cisco Live Orlando, FL

As you know, every year Cisco technology is more and more aimed at helping companies automate their operations, gaining insights through analytics, and protecting business with deeply embedded security. Consequently, for 2018, security, data center, intuitive network, customer experience and multi-cloud were the topics into the limelight.

In his opening speech, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins tried to make an overview that touched each of them, telling how Cisco’s data center and cloud security development is going to be “the network’s next act”.

In layman’s terms, we received a true shot of innovation and creativity, and we have every intention of turning this blow of enthusiasm into something Imagicle!


Cisco Village: Imagicle is at the forefront

This deep immersion in current and future technologies – the ones that soon will change how business works – was enriched with sessions, hands-on training, and 1:1 meetings, in order to truly understand where the driving force behind the innovative new world of digital business lies.

Actually, this year, Imagicle’s growth and progress in terms of development, sales and expansion abroad has been accompanied by progress even within this great annual event: for the first time, we’ve been hosted in one of Cisco Partner Villages.

Imagicle sponsoring at Cisco Collaboration Village

The Villages bring together Cisco and partner companies in order to extend and enhance investments in particular key areas, such as Collaboration, Enterprise Network, Mobility, and Security.

Many of these partners, including Imagicle, are also part of Cisco DevNet SolutionPlus, which invites a select set of tested “Cisco Compatible” products on the Cisco Systems global price list (GPL). In doing so, it allows them to complement Cisco’s advanced technology products and deliver strategic, single-source solutions.

In our case, we have seven Imagicle applications available directly on Cisco Price List: Attendant Console, Advanced Queueing Auto-Attendant, Smart Directory Services, Call Accounting and billing, Fax Server and Imagicle Hotel Pack.
In a nutshell, all the apps you need for your Unified Communications. 😁


Imagicle takes the floor: UCaaS and On-Prem UC.

Other than getting inspired, being in the Village meant having the opportunity to be those who inspire others.

This time, the honor was up to our colleague Massimiliano Picchi, VP of sales. He undertook a speech on the relationship between UCaaS and On-Prem UC, explaining the true potential for adaptability that makes Imagicle ApplicationSuite able to easily work between the two.

Cisco itself, after all, is quickly becoming an SW company. Its 500,000 DevNet registered developers made it clear to all of us, and, being one of the Preferred Cisco Developer, Imagicle can’t remain inactive in view of this.

In the last years, we have witnessed the cloud offers spreading like wildfire, while On-Premise ones are clearly retreating. It’s also true, however, that the transition to the cloud requires a long time.

Despite the imbalance, in fact, On-Prem solutions are still alive and kicking, and hybrid architectures (on-prem with cloud enhancements) are the preferred ones for most of the businesses.
This depends mainly on the structure and needs of the company: for a large number of users, for example, the Cloud structure will be the most suitable, while a high level of customization may require the On Prem one.

Massimiliano Picchi, VP Sales at Imagicle, presenting at Cisco Collaboration Village

Imagicle’s attention, anyway, in this diatribe as in all other solutions, remains focused on people’s practical needs.

Technology, like everything else, does not always evolve at the same speed.
Since this precise moment seems to be one of the fastest, mental flexibility and foresight, aimed at both the present and the future, are simply everything.

As Robbins said on Monday: “The network has to become a secure platform that enables you to help your organization achieve its strategies. We have to have the network do more than it’s ever done before and move faster”.


Imagicle and Kurmi Software: the winning combination that gives service providers the edge in the hospitality market

The Cisco Live 2018 has been also the occasion to announce the new exclusive solution made with the collaboration with Kumi Software. Both companies have a huge experience with HCS and Service Providers UCaaS offering and, last year, we have announced a partnership in order to share experiences and technologies to automate customer onboarding and user management on a Cisco HCS Shared Architecture.

Thanks to this collaboration, we have been able to reply to the challenges of the hospitality market, where hotel owners require to improve their communications solutions and, at the same time, demand lower costs to maintain their performance amid pressure from competitors. Today the partnership with Cisco, Imagicle and Kurmi, makes Cisco HCS Shared Architecture + Imagicle Hotel Pack + Kurmi Management Platform, an exclusive end-to-end solution, seamless for Customers and streamlined for Service Providers.

All of this opens up a greenfield opportunity especially for Service Providers: now they can offer a real value UCaaS proposition to hotels from a few to thousands of rooms and hotel chains, easily centralizing communications platform and PMS. We have exhaustively explained this solution in this podcast realized by Telecom Reseller, that has interviewed my colleague Massimo Di Puccio, co-CEO and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Imagicle, and Pascal Moindrot, COO & North America Managing Director of Kurmi Software.


Long story short

Bottom line, the first Cisco Live after the opening of Imagicle Inc has been a great success! Hundreds of meetings, new opportunities and appreciations of our products are the witness of the good work we’re doing in the US.

Personally, it has been also a great occasion to share time with my colleagues Massimo and Massimiliano, that I generally see only through video call (as a side effect of a company growing worldwide with subsidiaries in the US and the Middle East).

And by now you should know: the best way to do something Imagicle is to bring happy people together 🙂



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