Michel Ravasio Michel Ravasio - 26 April, 2018 - 2 ’ read

Miami is turning Imagicle.

Sometimes life can be unexpectedly extraordinary.
Can you imagine anything more exciting than relocating with your family, especially when you plan to move to Florida? 😊 This is exactly what is happening to me and my friend and colleague Giorgio!

The Italian Imagicle Spa HQ has been conducting business in the US for a bunch of years now, but Imagicle Inc was only incorporated in 2017 and since then the business increased fast and solid, at a growing pace quarter after quarter, exceeding by far our expectations.

It was time to establish a strong local presence, to better serve the local market and to let our customers and partners know that we are here to stay.
So guess what? The pioneers became settlers: the once brave outpost and the quarterly business trips finally turned into a magnificent branch office with both Italian and local employees. And we are hiring.

Introducing the new Imagicle Inc. branch office: 333 Las Olas Way, Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

We settled in the most beautiful building in downtown, conveniently located a few minutes away from the airport.
Come and visit, you’ll share with us the breath-taking views of Ft. Lauderdale’s famous RiverWalk and its yachts!

Four guys – and growing at light speed – we are a passionate and informal team of professionals who work hard and play hard, enjoying the sporty and green Floridian lifestyle.

From Business Development to Channel Sales, from Presales to Advanced Services and Tech Support, we are ready to support your business with our passion, our knowledge and our experience.

We cover the US time zones with local professionals, so, if you need our high quality Tech Support or you feel like trying our product demos and trial installations, give us a call anytime at 1(305)501-3030.

…just be patient: some of us are Italian, we may start talking about Italian coffee or pizza 😊

See you soon!



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