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Voice Analytics. Enriched with brand-new widgets and alarms.

Even though it’s already late summer, we still have some magic from Imagicle Summer Release 2022 to share with you. After Call Analytics for Microsoft Teams, today you will read about Voice Analytics and its new widget and alarms, making supervisors’ lives faster, smarter, and easier.

What is Imagicle Voice Analytics?

Let’s start from the basics. For those who still don’t know, Imagicle Voice Analytics is a cloud-native, Call Recording add-on app. It leverages artificial intelligence to transcribe your recorded company voice calls and analyze them through advanced sentiment analysis

In short, with Voice Analytics, listening to hundreds of recorded calls to understand trends and performances becomes a thing of the past. 

Voice Analytics. Enriched with brand-new widgets and alarms.

The new avenues it can open for your business analytics and growth are endless. It can help you:

  • Identify new marketing opportunities.
  • Evaluate call center agents‘ performance.
  • Spot pain points and successful approaches.
  • Better understand customers and make them happier.
  • Improve retention and reduce churn.

These benefits are even more valuable if you consider the full integration with Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite. Voice Analytics is available along with all your UC apps behind a single pane of glass, simplifying deployment, administration, security management, and use. 

And of course, the most advanced integration is the one with Call Recording, which allows companies to set up an automatic system to transfer and analyze recordings.

What news did Summer bring to our Voice Analytics?

In short, Summer Release 2022 enriched Voice Analytics with a new widget for quality monitoring and new alarm notifications. But to truly understand these new features, we need to take a step back. 

At the beginning of 2022, we knew that Voice Analytics had a great potential to make supervisors‘ lives easier, and we knew that we could take it even further. 

That’s why, when the flowers of Imagicle Spring Release 2022 bloomed, a new Dashboard appeared. 

This incredible tool automatically provides easy-to-read data, with the ability to filter them by time and users but, above all, to observe trends over time. We designed it with supervisors in mind, aiming to give them a reliable tool to guarantee high-quality services with data-driven approaches.

Voice Analytics. Enriched with brand-new widgets and alarms.

Imagicle Summer Release 2022 did nothing but follow the path we started in Spring. It empowered the dashboard and improved the potential of the overall product with the right mix of technology and human-centered design, bringing:

  • Ranking of Users by Sentiment: a new widget for the dashboard that – as the name says – ranks users based on sentiment, immediately identifying how they are performing over time.
  • Alarms that notify supervisors upon specific events: keywords are said/not said, sentiment is in a certain way, ecc.

Let’s see them in detail.

Ranking of users based on sentiment. Your best ally for quality monitoring.

Let’s start with the new, powerful widget we added to the dashboard of Voice Analytics: Users Ranking by Sentiment, ranking operators – all of them or just a filtered subset – by average sentiment in a given period.

Before Summer, Voice Analytics‘ dashboard had four widgets:

  • Overall sentiment: a general score of the conversation sentiment + the number of positive, neutral, and negative calls.
  • Sentiment breakdown: a single tab to see the operator and the caller’s mood and identify potential issues that may affect it.
  • Sentiment trends: analyzes the overall sentiment and users‘ and remote parties‘ sentiment trends, with comparisons if needed.
  • Calls volume: comprehensive information about recorded calls for a specific group of users within a given period.

These four widgets were already more than capable of giving supervisors the complete picture of calls‘ trends over time, but what about single users? How is every single user impacting the overall sentiment trend? Are their performances improving or getting worse?

That’s how Users Ranking by Sentiment was created. This helpful widget ranks operators – all of them or a subset – based on the average sentiment of their calls, allowing supervisors to:

  • Identify the best and worst operators and understand if their „sentiment performance“ has improved, worsened, or stayed the same, thanks to the comparison with the previous period;
  • Quickly jump to user recordings that need more in-depth analysis.
Voice Analytics. Enriched with brand-new widgets and alarms.

If your supervisors need constant „sentiment monitoring“ to improve agent training and boost customer service performances, this widget is all you need!

Alarms. Never miss a word.

The dashboard is a must-have for quality monitoring and improvement, especially with its new widget. But we didn’t want to stop there.

To further improve Voice Analytics‘ capabilities to allow supervisors to monitor calls‘ quality and quickly respond to any issue, we implemented a fully customizable set of alarms. This means that whenever specific keywords are spoken/not spoken, when the sentiment of calls is in a certain way, or both, supervisors will receive a notification via email.

A simple email stating what has happened in a call can open up many new avenues for business growth. 

How many times do customers ask about a specific product? 

How can you make sure agents follow the script they’re provided with?

Are your agents mentioning your new promo enough times, and how do customers react? 

Is there any harassment during interactions? 

Voice Analytics‘ alarms promptly answer all these questions and more, and you don’t even need to open the app. 

Voice Analytics. Enriched with brand-new widgets and alarms.

And the best part is that these alarms are fully customizable to fit your business needs and goals. Supervisors can manage virtually endless combinations of rules: they can set alarms for a combination of sentiments, keywords, or even both.

For example, if there’s a new promotion in the company, supervisors might give agents the order to inform customers in every call. And, of course, they will want to know how customers react to said promo. To achieve these goals, they can set:

  • An alarm for when the word „promotion“ is not spoken to see if and when agents aren’t following directions.
  • An alarm for when the word „promotion“ is spoken, and the sentiment is negative, to understand if there are customers who aren’t interested and why.
Voice Analytics. Enriched with brand-new widgets and alarms.

And, of course, when supervisors receive the alarm, they can get to the relevant recording and transcription in a click if they want to investigate further.  

Voice Analytics. Enriched with brand-new widgets and alarms.

How about seeing these new features in action?

Watch the dedicated on-demand webinar and enjoy a live demo.


As all good things do, the Summer news about Voice Analytics come to an end.

During this season, we have improved the experience provided by our platform, expanded the Dashboard functionalities, and introduced Alarms, one of the most valuable tools for supervisors.

But good things don’t end here! We are developing new amazing features for our cloud platform, so… it’s just the beginning!

Stay tuned. The next surprise is around the corner.

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