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Compatibility of Imagicle Apps with Calling in Webex Teams

Okt 06 2020


Massarosa (Italy), October 6th, 2020

Announcing the compatibility of Imagicle apps with Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM).





Imagicle is proud to announce the compatibility of Imagicle apps with Calling in Cisco Webex Teams (Unified CM) environments. Starting from now, receptionists can rely on Webex Teams as their softphone using the Imagicle Attendant Console. Moreover, all customers can enjoy Imagicle Call Recording, Advanced Directories, Fax Server, Call Accounting and Analytics, by using the Imagicle Gadgets that complete and expand the Webex Teams experience.

The huge demand for digital transformation and the current COVID-19 emergency have led an increasing number of people to choose more flexible working options. What used to be considered unlikely or complicated, like working somewhere other than the office, is now part of our routine, and this is possible thanks to the widespread adoption of advanced collaboration tools like Webex Teams. Cisco’s comprehensive solution, in fact, provides non-stop teamwork with group messaging, file and screen sharing as well as whiteboarding, allowing ongoing collaboration among teams and people around the world.

Given the success of Webex Teams since its introduction, Cisco has moved towards a progressive reduction in the number of clients’ applications, empowering customers to migrate to the most up-to-date version of Webex Teams from their Jabber within a Cisco UCM environment (either prem, HCS or UCM Cloud). This solution, going under the name of Calling in Webex Teams (Unified CM), allows customers to bring Webex Teams into their Cisco Unified Communications Manager, thus improving the calling experience and enabling calls with Webex Teams through their Unified CM environments.

This approach opens up new potential solutions and, at the same time, poses new challenges relating to the integration of Webex Teams with other critical collaboration tools such as the Attendant Console, Call Recording, external Directories, Fax and Call Accounting, just to name a few.


“We have been working with Cisco BU to integrate our applications with Webex app, enabling customers with advanced collaboration needs to have the Imagicle UC Apps they need directly within the Webex app in the same way as they already do with Jabber ” says Christian Bongiovanni, co-CEO and Imagicle CTO.

The benefits for users will be huge. First of all, from now on, receptionists can rely on Webex Teams as their softphone while leveraging the power of Imagicle Attendant Console for one click answers, transfers, parks, call, with the many other advanced features for a professional customer service. No IP-phone and no other apps are required, just Webex Teams and Imagicle Attendant Console.

But this is just the first step toward a full integration that will allow Cisco customers to get all the features they need while they’re starting their migration to the Cloud.


“An integration that has already proved its benefits with the introduction of the Imagicle apps in Cisco Jabber.” says Andrea Rivaben, Imagicle Solutions Specialist Manager. “To ensure a top-level user experience, in fact, Imagicle has not only made its applications working with Cisco Desk phones, but also as free gadgets within Cisco Jabber, for all customers using the Imagicle UC Suite. Users can record calls, access contacts, send virtual faxes, monitor and analyze call costs with the tool that customers use every day.”.

In the next few months, Imagicle and Cisco customers will have Calling in Cisco Webex Teams enriched with other Imagicle Applications, to be made available within Webex Teams through dedicated Imagicle gadgets, as already takes place with Cisco Jabber: Call Recording, Advanced Directories, Fax Server, Call Accounting and Analytics.


“Their products add great services to Webex App,” says Jing Zhang, Senior Product Manager Collaboration at Cisco “and help with our unified client integration and adoption.”.

That of Imagicle apps and Webex Teams is a far-reaching combination that takes place at a time of greatest need for simplification of collaborations, trying, as always, to put people’s developing needs first.

To find out more about the new integration and to keep update to the latest news, join the ask Imagicle Webex Teams room.



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