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Together, fighting COVID-19.

Dear customers and partners,

we hope all of you, your relatives and your friends are safe.
As you know, we’ve fully switched our teams all over the world to smart working since early March, but you can count on us as always.

Our services are 100% running.

Today, our special thoughts go to the thousands of people who died and to those who are sick, wishing them a full recovery; but also to the heroes fighting this outbreak, like the brave-heart doctors and the healthcare staff, organizations, and volunteers that every day keeps the rest of us safe.

We feel we can do more than keeping our people safe and respecting the rules. We want to do our part to alleviate our customers’ daily difficulties by keeping their activities running and doing our best to help our communities.
That’s why we’re launching the following initiatives:

  • 60-days free use of the Imagicle Apps, for any organization, to better manage the emergency and immediately improve their smart working, with Call Recording, Auto-Attendant – Advanced Queuing, Operator Console, Virtual Fax, Centralized Directory. 
  • 90-days free ImagicleCare Platinum Service for hospitals, healthcare services, and organizations involved in the crisis, to get 24/7 support coverage and proactive support on Imagicle apps to grant continuous service during this outbreak.

Just to give you an example, the number for COVID-19 in Italy, 
1500, is running on our Advanced Queueing solution, and our specialists have been supporting the team behind the service since the beginning of the crisis.

 If you also need to improve emergency services or want to know how we can help you implement smart(er) working across your organization, visit our dedicated web page, watch the on-demand webinar or contact us. We are here to help you get the right tools running as fast as possible. Please spread this message to your peers who could benefit from this opportunity. 

We’ve also decided to contribute to our communities proactively, and we want to share our actions with you in the hope of inspiring others to join forces and show generosity and resilience to get out of this period stronger and united. 

We have:

  • doubled the amount of the donations that our teams have done to local communities fighting against COVID-19; 
  • donated a pulmonary ventilator to Versilia Hospital – Tuscany North – Italy; 
  •  granted 4 days of paid volunteering to our colleagues.

Storms always end and better days will come. We’ll get there together. 

You can count on us. We count on you. 


With love,
Your Imagicle team

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